"Övningar i tyska"

Translation:Exercises in German

November 19, 2014



wouldn't it be "på tyska"? or is this for the German class?

November 19, 2014


They are both correct but with a subtle difference.

"Övningar i tyska" means your doing exercises about the German language.

"Övningar på tyska" just means the exercises are in German. The subject of the exercises could be anything, math, biology etc. It just means you are doing it in the German language.

Hope this sorts things out. :)

November 19, 2014


As in "an exercise in futility" (...which in my case is strangely fitting as I never had the intestinal fortitude to learn German beyond the level of embarrasingly intermediate...)

November 15, 2016


Tack så mycket! Det här verkade fel till mig men jag förstår nu!

May 19, 2015


Why "tyska" rather than "tysk"?

February 28, 2019
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