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Till och med, ännu, ändå

Can someone explain the difference between the three words? I sometimes find it difficult finding the practical placement.

November 19, 2014



if you prefer German:

till och med = bis einschließlich / sogar

ännu = noch (immer)

ändå = doch, trotzdem, ohnehin

även = auch


In my language (Dutch) it would be:

till och med = tot en met

ännu= nog (steeds)

ändå = toch, desondanks

även= ook

This helped me see the correlation alot :)


And the second meaning of 'till och med' would be 'zelfs'.


They're sort of hard to word-to-word translate to English. But I'll give it a shot.


"Till och med" can express that something reaches to and includes something. But it can also mean that something exceeds what the expected.

Reaching to and including:

  • Jag stannar till och med torsdag = I stay until (and including) Thursday.

Exceeding expectations:

  • Jag kan till och med dansa! = I can even dance!

ÄNNU: This will most often translate to "yet another" or "thus far" or "still". Ännu en = Yet another one.

  • Vi kämpar ännu = we still struggle.

  • Inte ännu = Not yet

ÄNDÅ: Means "still" or "anyways".

  • Jag gör det ändå = I do it anyways.

  • Du får ändå ingen mat = You still won't get any food.

ÄVEN: Most commonly synonymous to "också", i.e. "also"

Regarding the three Ä-words, wiktionary has articles with explanations and examples. I can recommend them:


Is Än an synonym to Ännu?


In many cases, but you can't use än in expressions like ännu en 'yet another one'. E.g. de fick ännu ett barn but not "än ett".
Also, än has other meanings that ännu doesn't.


And the word "Även" as well

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