"Jag vill ha ett rum med utsikt över poolen."

Translation:I want a room with a view over the pool.

November 19, 2014

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Surely "I want to have a room with a view over the pool" is equally acceptable here.


But remember that "I want" [something] in English is "jag vill ha" [something] in Swedish. You can't take the "ha" away. So try to think of "vill ha" as one verb that consists of two words.


Yeah that makes sense. I just wanted to point out that (perhaps it's a regional thing, I'm from Scotland) both "I want a..." and "I want to have a..." are equally correct and that if only one is going to be accepted as a valid answer it's somewhat impossible to know in advance which. It's not really a big deal, redoing the lesson is good for me in the long run, but it can be a little frustrating. Keep up the good work though!


OK, that makes sense since we've had some close cultural contact with the Scots historically. I'm sure you'll like our word for "children" for instance :)

I'm just a little concerned that many of our students don't seem to understand that "vill ha" is really "want" and "laga mat" is really "cook". We are trying to add both alternatives though, so please report them whenever you come across places where "want to have" is not accepted.


utsikt does not need an article? "a view"


Why is "I want a room overlooking the pool" not accepted? It is more grammatically correct in English than "with a view over the pool"


Why "a view"? It is about a room with view over the pool. Other views (if it has) are not important.


Saying "a room with a view over the pool" is unclear in English... Does the Swedish mean a room with a view of (overlooking) the pool, or a "room with a (nice) view" that is also physically above the pool?


Why swimming pool is not accepted as a correct answer?

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