"I have been mugged!"

Translation:Jag har blivit rånad!

November 19, 2014

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Why can I not say "Jag rånades"?


Even if you could have said that, that would not translate this sentence, but rather I was being mugged (where I still think that is a much better sentence in English than Jag rånades is in Swedish). We do accept Jag har rånats! here, but I would not recommend it for the reasons Anders91 mentions, also there is this thing that the -s passive typically focuses process rather than result, which means it gets extra strange without an agent or some kind of adverbial describing the process.


Yet Jag blev rånad was not accepted and the only correct answer shown was Jag har rånats. This confused me so it's good that I took a look at the comments. I suppose it should show Jag har blivit rånad as well then?


That's because Jag blev rånad has a perfect counterpart in I was mugged — those two have the same time. I wish it would always show Jag har blivit rånad since that's the recommended answer, but we can't control which accepted answers Duo shows – the machine tries to match what you input, and sometimes the result isn't optimal.


I put jag blev rånad, and it was not accepted


Please refer to the above discussion.


Is överfalla also a used translation of mug? And if so, could I say: jag har blivit överfallad


Yes, it is - the correct form is överfallen.


Jag har blivit överfallen was not accepted.

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