"There is more food."

Translation:Det finns mer mat.

November 19, 2014

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Is there a reason why 'Dar ar mer mat' is not an accepted translation as opposed to 'det finns mer mat'? Is 'dar' only used kind of when describing a place, as in 'hon ar dar' (she is there), as opposed to describing the existence of more food?


can someone explain why? I also responded: 'där är mer mat' instead of 'det finns mer mat'


I'm a newbie so beware etc., but det finns is the Swedish way of saying that something exists, that something is. It applies (I'm assuming!) to both physical objects and more abstract things, as in "there's nothing to say" (a thing to say? There isn't one)

Lots of languages have special verbs for this function, but in English we just stick there + be - so there is, there are, there were, there had been and so on. You can think of it as a special use of there that's nothing to do with position, which leads to phrases like there's a cat there where you need to add another word if you want to describe location.

So at a guess, där only corresponds to the positional sense of there, and doesn't have any association with this weird alternative meaning that English uses. You just need to get used to this sense of 'a thing exists' and immediately reach for det finns in Swedish (or hay in Spanish if that helps)


@telemetry - Looks like a good explanation to me! :)


Is there any difference between 'mer' and 'mera'?


Can anyone give a guide line for "det finns" vs "Det ligger"?


"Det finns" is the general term for "There is/are".

"Det ligger" is used to describe if a specific and physical object is placed on or in something, "det ligger ett äpple på bordet", "det ligger en penna i min väska"


Is there a reason it is not accepted to say «finns det mer mat» as opposed to «det finns…» ?


By putting the 'finns' first, you are changing it to a question, instead of a statement.

Det finns mer mat = There is more food.

Finns det mer mat = Is there more food?

Hope that helps!


What's the difference between MER and FLER?


Experts, is Lee correct? I wanted to know why I couldn't use "där är" as well.


Det finns mera mat

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