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  5. "Hundene sover nær drengen."

"Hundene sover nær drengen."

Translation:The dogs sleep near the boy.

November 19, 2014



Somehow "Hundene" was pronounced as "Tundene". Is this correct or a glitch of the TTS engine? Either way it caught me off guard and I had to read the sentence to translate it.


Yes, it almost always happens to me too, in sentences that begin with "Hundene". It's a fault with the Text-To-Speech system. The correct pronounciation is indeed just "Hundene" and not "Tundene". I've become used to it, and now whenever it says "Tundene", I just hear and think "Hundene" in my head.


Can't I just say "Next to the boy"?


Then it should have been "Hundene sover ved siden af drengen."


Danish is really awesome because it is kind of a Germanic language mixed with English. It uses most of the same word order as English yet it is so different in terms of words and pronunciations.


at normal speed it sounds like "Thundene"


In another sentence "near me" was translated to "naer ved mig". When do I use "naer ved" and when just "naer"?


You could say "Jeg var nær ved at blive ramt af en bil." which means "I was nearly hit by a car." But in normal spoken danish most people would not say "nær ved" in that situation, but "Jeg var lige ved at blive ramt af en bil." - The meaning is the same, but it's an "older" way of saying it.


I think "jeg var lige ved at blive ramt af en bil" would mean I was just getting hit by a car... Jeg blev næsten ramt af en bil would make better sense if you are saying I was nearly hit by a car


Var det en tre hund nat?


dårlig udtale

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