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  5. "Hundene sover nær drengen."

"Hundene sover nær drengen."

Translation:The dogs sleep near the boy.

November 19, 2014



Can't I just say "Next to the boy"?


Then it should have been "Hundene sover ved siden af drengen."


In another sentence "near me" was translated to "naer ved mig". When do I use "naer ved" and when just "naer"?


You could say "Jeg var nær ved at blive ramt af en bil." which means "I was nearly hit by a car." But in normal spoken danish most people would not say "nær ved" in that situation, but "Jeg var lige ved at blive ramt af en bil." - The meaning is the same, but it's an "older" way of saying it.


I think "jeg var lige ved at blive ramt af en bil" would mean I was just getting hit by a car... Jeg blev næsten ramt af en bil would make better sense if you are saying I was nearly hit by a car

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