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  5. "En älg är ett djur."

"En älg är ett djur."

Translation:A moose is an animal.

November 19, 2014



I am a little confused with the pronunciation of djur. I hear ett juvr. I am familiar that -d is muted but the v sound appeared unexpectedly


There is no V-sound. It's pronounced like the voice says, with exceptions of the V-sound.


I love your Swedenball avatar :D


Thänk yuö! (börk)


The Swedish U-sound is very close to making a V-sound, but not entirely there. That's probably what's going on here. It's even a common misspelling among small children to accidentally add a V to the long U-sound, so even native little learners make that mistake. :)

EDIT: Besides, the TTS overemphasises the R a little bit. Perhaps that's a contributing factor.


Lost a heart for writing elk instead of moose.


I have written elk all the time, so they must accept it now. (22/10/15)


I was going to ask if älg could also mean elk, since the sound is similar to the English. It's a good way for me to remember, since moose and elk are similar animals.


Swedish älg is the same as American moose and British elk, so both are accepted answers. The animal known as elk in America is called 'wapitihjort' in Swedish, but we don't have them here.


Thank you Arnauti. Knowing the different words is very helpful to me. Now I just have to find out how to pronounce it. : ) I give you a lingot.


Of course it is! Who thinks a moose isn't a animal?


So the "j" sounds in älg is pronounced when followed by a vowel? When älg is at the end of a sentence it's just pronounced "El".


No, you should always hear it


I have played the audio on the word for ''moose'' (mobile isn't accent friendly, so incase lack of accents changes it drastically, I'm simply refraining) more times than I can count... but my ears just aren't catching it. What is the proper pronunciation of the 'g' in this instance? Sometimes I think I hear a very soft 'g' , others more of a long 'e' (ee/y), and I don't even know if either of those is remotely close.


A swede would like to write it ”älj”


I need a button to pronounce it more SLOWLY.


is there difference in pronounciation between 'en älg"and "äljen"? ik keep hearing the latter, but they say it is the first.....


Am so glad with because a learn more svenska till exemple obestäm form och bestäm form.tack så mycket.

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