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My first day of Swedish

I have just started the Swedish course, and I love it! I've waited for so long on this course! I've only completed the basics 1, basics 2 and the phrases skill, but I find it very easy to learn. I live in the Netherlands, and a lot of Swedish words look or sound the same in Dutch. I also like that you don't have to conjugate the verbs for every person.

My only "struggle" is that the swedish article "ett" (a), looks like the dutch article "het" (the), but I you'll get used to that.

So how were your first experiences with the Swedish? And what are your struggles in learning the language? I would love to hear it.

And of course, good luck with learning!

November 19, 2014



As a Swede learning dutch, i have the opposite problem. Heh.


Haha! What do you think about dutch? I think it's a lot harder to learn because of the grammar. Succes met Nederlands leren!


I think it's really quite easy, but I'm quite good at grasping the basics of languages. As a non-native, my perspective is that Dutch is quite much german without the hard parts. :p

One interesting thing, however, with the het/ett words is that they are often the same in Swedish and Dutch, since many of them have common history and grammatical gender.

Lycka till med svenskan! :)


Here's another Swedish speaker who tends to describe Dutch as German without the hard parts... :-)

The irregular verbs are pretty much the same (and it helps having learned them once as a foreign speaker -- the native German speakers I learned Dutch with had a harder time thinking about those verbs the same way), and that only adjective ending is a relief!


Hej! I believe Swedish is a very beautiful and unique sounding language, but I struggle with the accent and the pronunciation. The Swedish accent makes me feel like I'm trying to speak in a song. My knowledge of German and English has helped me a lot more than I thought with Swedish vocabulary.


My struggle is probably pronunciation and the article not being used as a separate word. :)


That was very awkward for me at first too, but after a few days I learned to appreciate it.


I'm a beginner to Swedish myself, and for me the hardest part so far is my pronunciation and the fact that I have studied French for so long in school that I confuse my pronouns so often! I also will get used to this eventually I hope :)


I agree. I feel that swedish accent is more difficult than other languages.According to another user, later you learn a language, the more you struggle to learn it ( especially the prononciation).


As a real beginner, I thought it would be hard ! But the first exercises don't look so difficult. I hope it is not as difficult as German.


The grammar and sentence order is essentially the same as in English, but the speaking is the hard part, in my opinion.


Jag känner några personer från Nederländerna. De har lärt sig svenska kvickt och talar mycket bra, så prognosen är god.

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