"Ja, varsågod!"

Translation:Yes, you are welcome!

November 19, 2014

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If this means "you are welcome" as well as "here you are," could it also be "here you go" and "there you go," as in things a cashier might say during the transaction?


It could also be translated as "Yes, be my guest!"


It means "Don't take any wooden nickles. Your shoes are untied. Your mother wears army boots. You didn't flush the toilet". And last and least it means "be so kind".


What different betweet varsågod and välkommen?


Varsågod is when you're thankful and Välkommen is when you're welcoming someone to someplace


I seem to recall a waitress serving me and when she put the plate down on the table she said "Varsagod." Was that her way of saying "Here you are" ???


Yes, that's correct. It's the standard polite word for giving something to somebody.


It looks like ... 'Was so good'. As in "that is fine" "very good"


varsagod - here you are valkommen - welcome :)


So does the s become a sh sound when followed by å? I'm hearing ya varshagood. :)


From wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retroflex_consonant):

"In Swedish and Norwegian, a sequence of r plus a coronal consonant may be replaced by the coronal's retroflex equivalent, e.g. the name Martin is pronounced ['maʈːin] or ['mɑʈːin], and nord ("north") is pronounced [nuːɖ]. This is sometimes done for several consonants in a row after an r — Hornstull is pronounced [huːɳʂ'ʈɵlː])."

Which means that

rn becomes ɳ

rd becomes ɖ

rl becomes ɭ

rs becomes ʂ

Though this differs from different dialects. Here they are is you want to listen to them: http://www.yorku.ca/earmstro/ipa/consonants.html


I don't understand all these pronunciation symbols :/ I guess I should learn them?


That little audio chart is the coolest thing ever! Thanks for sharing it!!


I don't usually comment anywhere, but your lesson and your links saved my life


Jitt91 is correct, but more simply, for someone who doesn't know IPA symbols, an s after an r becomes like a sh sound.


Some swedish say with sh others say s, for this word.


I would write this with spaces in between the words: "Ja, var så god!". At least this is how it actually is written in here :)


Both are fine but the standard spelling wordlist SAOL lists it as varsågod and says 'ibland tre ord', which means that they consider both correct but recommend the one word version.

In the course, both are accepted answers but the way the system is built, no spelling variation is accepted in the dictation exercises :(


Varsågod sounds like it could translated to "be so good" . I remember it being used to let us know a meal was ready by my grandmother. Would that be a literal translation?


You are welcome and you're welcome are the same thing


Yes, this is the second time I've encountered this issue, I said the phrase correctly, however, it didn't record it correctly. Please fix this issue, if you need any further contact, just e-mail me


Unfortunately, this is something we as course contributors have zero control over. I would suggest posting in the troubleshooting forums, here: https://forum.duolingo.com/topic/647


What on earth have you done to Duolingo Swedish? It no longer shows you when you have made a spelling error. Not using ä, å and/or ö is absolutely an error. So far today, I accidentally put an ä instead of an å in skådespelar, I didn't put an å in varsågod, and I left the r out of yrke. Plus several other such errors. Not once were these errors pointed out to me. I knew they were wrong as I've already completed the Swedish tree, I'm trying not to forget the basics as I've moved on to Swedish movies and tv shows to be able to increase my vocabulary, hear slang words and the pitch and prosody of this beautiful language. I am also brushing up my German and French on Duo, so i had a few rusty moments. If I had not checked in the comments section here though I would not have realised my mistake. This is definitely not good for a brand new Swedish student. How do you fix this? Spelling errors need to be pointed out. These letters are separate letters of the Swedish alphabet. (When i finished this tree a few months ago these errors were always pointed out, but usually no hearts were deducted for the error). Just an FYI.


We haven't done anything to it. It's a problem across all Duo with "type what you hear" exercises. But either way, it's nothing contributors can affect, since we are just volunteers.


Yes, I am aware you are volunteers & you have been invaluable. I’m so grateful to you. Thank you! It’s because of you in particular and two other mods (though I think you are also Joel Hinz, right?) that the Swedish Duo course is the best.. I wasn’t accusing you and I’m so sorry if it sounded like that, but what I’m talking about here is a new bug in the system. Something has definitely changed in the last week or two. Did Duo do an upgrade of some kind? Spelling errors were always noted before and often the answer was marked wrong because of a spelling mistake. Now spelling errors (specifically involving ä, å, ö) are not acknowledged at all. I also left out the r in yrke and Duo made no correction at all. This is every single time I made an error yesterday, it was totally ignored. It’s so weird. There may have been the odd bug in the system prior, but I never encountered them myself, but I’m talking about something altogether new here. I’ll do error reports as someone has to fix this. This bug needs to be fixed at the company and soon (or are you saying you are the company and it’s run by volunteers?. If so, I didn’t understand that at all). So is there no point in submitting error reports then? Thank you for your quick reply, as always. My best to you.


Yes, I'm Joel. The Android apps show people's real names instead of their usernames, at least at times.

The problem is actually older than that, maybe 6-8 months old. But it did appear to be fixed for a number of users (including myself) for a few weeks before suddenly not working again recently. So that's probably what you've noticed. It is extremely detrimental to the learning process, so I really hope they'll fix it permanently soon.

So is there no point in submitting error reports then?

Not for typos that are accepted without correction. For other kinds of errors, please do.


Thanks Joel. That’s good to know. Yes, I hope they are aware and fix it soon. It’s absolutely detrimental to students trying to learn Swedish and this is actually a great resource. My best to you.



Can also mean 'excuse me' if you want to get by someone in a crowd, and, I'm told it also means 'please'


Never heard anyone use it to get by someone in a crowd, and if I did, I'd think it sounded rude. Or possibly very old fashioned. Use ursäkta instead for that.

It does work for 'please' in many cases.


I answered "yes you're welcome" and I got it wrong because I typed the short version of you are


"Yes you're welcome" was accepted for me. Maybe the alternative spelling was added later.


Ya is not the same as yeah or even yay or yea. It's sort of like "ur" in texting. People can figure it out but it doesn't mean it's even English.


❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ hell :'((( I've failed up to 5 times


Whenever i come to the microphone tests they never work i am not zure why


Schwäbisch hilft, war scho guad :)

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