"Mannen dricker mjölk."

Translation:The man is drinking milk.

November 19, 2014

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As I cannot answer GodAnubis comment I make a new comment to answer it.

Mjölk in Swedish has the ö sound that is special for the Swedish language. You have to learn to say ö like a Sweed would. First ...ölk sounds a little like elk, but you have to form the mouth more like an o instead of e. Then you must do a fast air sound but it doesn't sound like o at al. Then you have to combine the rest mjö...mjöl...mjölk.


I know how to say ö and ä bc I'm finnish and we also use ö and ä! So it's easy to say it.


How does one discern, in the spoken words, mannen (singular) from mannen ( plural)?


You're missing the dots:

  • mannen = the man
  • männen = the men

They're pronounced differently, it's more like "munnen" and "mennen" with standard English.


How is mjolk pronounced? I hear "mee-er-k", with the "er" pronounced as in the first syllable of "error".


Mjolk reminds me of yolk as in egg yolk. It helps me remember the correct spelling.


Swedish with axel is a good english spoken challel about learning the lanquage. good explanions good sound quality sit back relax and listen nice voice aswell


Whats the difference between he drinks and he is drinking?


Why is "the men are drinking milk" not correct?

  • mannen = the man
  • männen = the men


The previous exercise marked my answer as wrong n I can't report an error because no access to them. En smorgas = a sandwich was correct. I don't have the correct accent marks.


this is indeed a very typical svensk sentence. In my south German company there is ond guy (in his 50s) having a glass of milk with his lunch (of 2000+). During lunch(time) in Sweden you see these guys everywhere. If you have been away some years oi what ever this is so funny each time I see it. More grown up men have milk to their lunch in S than dittos having a beer at thd samd time in Germany ;-)


It's definitely more common in Sweden than in Germany, but it's not very common in public in Sweden, either.


we have written the correct sentence, but it shows always wrong


Try restarting the lesson. Sometimes there's a bug which causes that.


How do I tell between drycker and dricker and flickan and flickor and


Well, since they're different letters, what you need is training - basically keep exercising until you can reliably hear the difference.

To help with that, I would suggest looking up videos on Swedish pronunciation. I believe Academia Cervena (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUb87YTKOTgnGcAM4toC-6A) covers vowels, for instance. Good luck! :)


Man is not in options

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