"Det är min sons hund."

Translation:It is my son's dog.

November 19, 2014

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I got this wrong for a simple mistake. In my day-to-day life most of my writing or typing is very weird and formal sounding because I'm dealing with certain types of clients. So I use phrases along the lines of "it belongs to them" or "it falls under their area" instead of "it's John's" or "it's one of theirs". So I got this wrong because I types "sons" instead of "son's". I just haven't had to physical type or write the possessive 's or s' for a long time. Weird how taking a course on Swedish is helping me relearn my own native language.


In English, one would not normally refer to a dog as "it," but rather with a gendered pronoun. Is that different in Swedish, or is Duo just up to his usual weird translations again?


You would normally say "den" about a dog, but many people who consider their pets family members might use "han" eller "hon".

But note that the "det" in this sentence is not the dog itself, but the formal subject referred to by Arnauti in this thread, and expanded on here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9708920.


I'm french and I'm learning swedish with english duolingo. I wrote THIS IS instead of IT IS. Why "THIS IS..." is wrong ?


"this" is det här or detta, but never just det.


why not "DEN ar min sons hund"? -- "hund" is an N-word, right?


It's a formal subject here, the same "it" that sometimes rains or snows. :)


But if there are several dogs, you can emphasize that "den [hunden] är min sons hund" = that particular dog is my son's.


There's subject and then there's formal subject. "min sons hund" is the subject and "det" is formal subject.

Explained at bottom here.

And here. <- This is a google books preview, if the link doesn't work for you google "det formal subject" and click on the google books linking to "Swedish: A Comprehensive Grammar"


Can't check the links :/


Why i cant use that instead of this here?


You can use that here, but you cannot use this.
Det är in Swedish generally means it is, but it can also mean that is.
This is in English is either det här är or detta är in Swedish.
And det där är in Swedish always means that is in English.


I answered this is my son's hound and got it wrong. Is there any exception to using the word hound?


No, I think only "dog" was accepted in the beginning so "hound" has been added to some places but not everywhere.

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