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Introducing the Duolingo app for Windows Phone!

The wait was long, but the Duolingo Windows Phone app is now available at: https://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=2d89520e-d360-4b5b-ba5a-5a15064aa935

In keeping with our mission, the app is 100% free, with no ads, hidden fees, or paid “premium” content.

Instead of simply porting our iPhone or Android apps, we worked hard to make a truly native Windows Phone experience -- it’s fast, smooth and feels like Windows Phone :)


November 19, 2014



Well, the Big 2 and their little brother all have Duolingo now. No excuses to not download the app and learn a language now! Awesome job, team! My relative just got a Windows Phone and occasionally asks me about Duolingo, so now I can recommend that he try the app. :)


Except the iOS app is missing like half the features of the website, including discussions and reporting, so that's a pretty good reason for me to stick to the desktop version. I'm honestly considering switching to Android because I've heard that the Duolingo app is better there.


The Android app is excellent, that's for sure.


I agree. The desktop version is a lot better. The Android version is ok. The Lumia version misses so many features that I consider to use my old 3" screen Android instead of the much new and bigger Lumia. It's like being trapped. Why there is no the Store in the Lumia Version?


I know many folks (who are Duo users) who switched from iphones to Moto Xs and are very pleased...


Apparently there's a difference between the "Windows Store" and the "Windows Phone Store".. I have a Dell Venue tablet I paid $200 dollars for and it's basically worthless... I finally thought I could use it for something ;_; Please add a Duolingo App to the Windows Store!


Hmm . . . I also have a Dell Venue tablet, and I downloaded Duolingo about a year ago through the Google Play store.


It was the only app I was missing after moving from iOS to Windows phone. Great job! Thanks! :)


Great to see DL expanding to other mobile OS.



Thank you Luis and co.! This has made my day :)

[deactivated user]

    Oh my god. Yes. YES. Thank you!!


    Sadly, this is still not available on my Windows store, on my Lumia 630 :( I have no clue why


    The link he provided is for the US store. I got an error as well, but was then able to go to my region's Windows store (Australia) and download the app. It's still not visible in phone search, you have to use the website link.


    No no, I did actually search for Duolingo, and have scoured the entire store. It's not available to me. Thanks anyway


    I've been waiting so long and i can't get it for my phone this sucks more then ANYTHING.


    Okay I'm finally on (Nokia Lumia 520) the problem I found was updating to windows 8.1 NEEDS to be done before you can download otherwise it comes up with some weird (your region is not accepted) it takes about 726mb of space to download (but surprising once downloaded it actually made the space it took up (for system) smaller... weird. Anywho it works and I am HAPPY!


    Once the update is installed it deletes the update installer and some of the new files that were replaced may be smaller (they are optimised, or better compressed). This happens on all systems, on desktop it doesn't because the installers are kept so you can revert them.


    Also go through ceo's link (won't show up in store)


    Even for my phone it is not available. Its lumia 520. Why is so?


    Are you on Windows 8.1? That might be the problem. Also, what carrier are you using?


    Yes, now it's on my Android phone&tablet, Chromebook, iPhone, and now my Windows Phone. My only issue is not being able to sign in via my Google account on WP.


    Now that they have released this I wonder what they'll focus on next. Maybe teams?


    Im hoping for the expansion of pre existing trees


    18 minutes in and we already have speculation. ;) Who knows? They could choose to focus on the Incubator and improving things on that end so the contributors can work to their full capabilities, or they could spend time on the user end (such as Teams).


    What is duolingo doing called teams?


    Thanks for all your efforts, truly appreciated

    Really love the app :)


    Thank you so much Luis ,and the team of course. Now the best language app comes to the best mobile os ;)


    Runs smoothly (well, I'd surprised if not given the HW I run it on) but far from what I would expect based on experience with Android/iOS versions: - forced me to set daily goal; - Shape writing does not work when German keyboard layout is selected (it works for English) - I am learning German from English (not an issue on Android); - no possibility to report issues (sound, solutions, hints,...); - can only be used in vertical position (does not rotate to horizontal position); - does not give lingots when lesson is finished with all 3 hearts.


    Ah yes, it can't rotate! that's another major problem. Thank you!


    I registered in app and and for first time it worked but after that when I opened it and it error :"we cant connect to the internet and try again a bit later" and something like that,i uninstall and reinstall again but it didnt worked.but i connect to the internet and other apps working successfully,please guide me.thank you


    I have exactly same problem, however it happens only when I try to log in to my existing account. When I try to create a new one, it works perfectly, but I don't want to loose the few levels I've done


    so do I .I don't know what to do and it seems nobody here can solve our problem!


    I have the same problem. For all my Lumias (1320 and two 520).


    Sadly, no offline mode and no voice testing. But still, really awesome for a first version of the app! Great job!


    Thank you! This was a great decision! I can't wait to get my mom as hooked on this as I am... ;-)


    I can't download it, it says it's not available for my device.


    What device do you have? If it's any older than the Lumia 520, it may not download.


    I tried downloading the app, but my phone, a Windows ATIV, says I cannot due to not having correct software, not being available in this country, or it is for a different mobile provider. Any idea as to why it wont download to my phone? A quick response would be greatly appreciated!


    Ok. Open http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/duolingo-learn-languages-for-free/2d89520e-d360-4b5b-ba5a-5a15064aa935 with desktop browser. Login with your Microsoft account, click install. It will send you an email containing download link for app. Open mail with phone and just follow link, which will redirect you to windows phone store :)


    Is your phone's operating system 8.1?


    it works only on 8.1


    I had a similar problem, in that my phone would not find the app in the store then would not let me download it - clicking the link above and pressing 'install' from there sent an email to my phone which then contained a link which meant I could activate it. It took a couple of times pressing 'install' to get it to work though, so maybe try again?


    Potentially it's a region problem. If you're not in the US, clicking on the links provided above may not work. When you get the error, there should be an option to go to your region's app store.

    The app still isn't searchable on the phone store either, so don't go looking there.


    I looked into it. I have the ATIV SE and there is no news as to whether there actually will be an 8.1 update for it anytime soon (or ever). So I'm just hoping that there might be a version of Duolingo that is compatible with an 8.0 software.


    there won't be because it would take too much resources. when they have started building an app they have used windows 8.1 API. That means you need to upgrade your phone or OS :/


    Thanks for adding the Windows Phone platform!


    The app asks me to sign in with my username/password, but my account is linked through facebook. How to sign in?


    Had the same issue. I had to hit 'forgot my password' and then create a new one which could be used for the app.


    yes, that's what I did too.


    Some people might have issues upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1. It doesn't seem to be part of the updates yet, it only comes with new devices. If you have this issue, you could try installing Developer Preview to get your phone to update to 8.1:



    Thank you for the great app, love it. Windows phone version is a bit slow while verifying compared to iOS version, also need to offline feature.


    Made my day....this is absolutely brilliant!

    App has a few bugs, but love the fact that it's finally here!


    Finally!! I wait for this for so long! good job you guys! even though the structure is quite basic, but I got everything I need! thumb up!


    Love it! The app is fast and smooth, which is perfect. Love Duolingo in general - Keep it up! :)


    Brilliant app...had never heard of Duolingo before...I am now a convert! :)


    This was absolutely the greatest news I have received this week, finally I can learn learn away from home! Thanks a million.


    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! It's rare that a company understands what Windows Phone is all about and you guys have NAILED IT!!!


    Thanks for bringing your service to the Windows Phone platform. I've actually not used your service until it came to it. So far I'm enjoying it and have gotten other people using it as well. I look forward to your continued commitment to the platform.


    I love it! Thank you so much.


    It works great :) :) make me start a long relation with duolingo. Thank you


    Yayy!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! :) :)


    This is so cool! I can finally change my courses directly. Thank you very much! You absolutely rock! ;))


    Missing a few courses, and I've noticed that it doesn't track my progress accurately. I completed a few courses yesterday but it kept telling me I was 6-9exp from my goal. However, logging into the site I found I'd still been credited with the exp correctly - so no harm no foul, really. Still a little annoying though.

    Oh and when you're updating, can you please publish changelogs?


    Was not available in UK until today, just downloaded it :-)


    The app for Windows Phone don't use microphone =(


    that is not good :*(


    The app looks great! I hope you keep it updated! Keep up the good work!


    Thank you guys so much for this! I really appreciate the few developers who go through the trouble of making a proper Windows Phone app despite the fact that we WP users are a small minority.


    Thank you so much for finally making Duolingo available to us Windows Phone users!. This is an app I have LOOOOOONG been awaiting and it's so good to finally practice on the go without using the web browser (which worked very poorly with Duolingo). Good work Duolingo team!


    It is just not working. It keeps giving a not available error. We are more than a little disappointed.


    Try to update your phone.


    We did that. We had to do that to install it. Now that it's installed, it gives a no connection error.


    Is swedish on it? Thanks for the application on windows phone too!


    Not yet. Irish seems to be missing as well.

    Italian for French is not there either, but Italian for Spanish is.


    It isn't. Dutch is though!


    That surely made the store rich..#win


    Finally! Thank you very much c:


    Thanks Duolingo! :) That was the only app which i was missing when I switched from iOS to WP8. And it works pretty good on my Lumia 1520, keep up the great work! :)


    I downloaded the app and set up an account. I get an error message on the app that the user name or password is incorrect, even though it works on the web site.


    Did you log in with google+ or facebook? It appears that the app lacks the capability to log in through those right now.


    You can however click the "forgot password" button and make one from there


    Woohoo, finally, I am going to tell my friends to download it right away


    um... Blackberry phones yet??


    This graph explains it all. Blackberry only takes up ~1% of the global market share in the 2Q of 2014 and is expected to decline to about ~0.3% in 2018. It just isn't worth the time for Duolingo. They have more important things to work on.

    The graph can be found here.


    Duolingo's stated motivation for introducing the Windows Phone version was that -- while WP's overall market share is tiny, and declining -- it's disproportionately popular in the developing world, where Duolingo want to make an impact. The same isn't true of BlackBerry,

    The good news is that most of the recent BlackBerry models can run Android applications anyway :-).


    Hopefully as time progresses, they will be able to create apps for many more devices, including BlackBerry! It's time-consuming to create a whole new different version of Duolingo to match a device's settings and layout. We may hopefully see in the near future!


    Download the Android app off of Snap.. works perfectly!


    I've been using then Android version of Duolingo on my Blackberry Q10 and Z30 for a while now. It works really well. If you don't want to mess around with Snap, just download the Amazon App Store and search for Duolingo.


    Now, only one platform is missing.... OS/2! Just kidding, but congrats devs for this release! Looks amazing so far! Keep up the great work!


    For those that say that it is not showing as available to them, I had a software update that I needed to download. After I did that I was able to download the app. Perhaps check to see if that's the issue!


    That's definitely not it, no software updates. I guess it's only for the newer windows phones, which is a shame... I got this only about a year ago.


    That sucks. I got mine a little over a year ago, too and was bummed at first when it seemed I couldn't download it. I was quite surprised to realize there was a major update I hadn't downloaded (oops).


    Is there a way to get to the discussions section in the app? Am I just missing it?


    Oh, unhappy day... I could find it, but it is not compatible with my phone.. I guess I need a new Windows phone... :)


    I was missing it so bad and now I cannot leave my phone without an hour of practicing! It is running smooth and fast! Great job! Thanks for letting me improve my German skills! You rock team Duolingo!


    Thank you! The app is awesome!


    Can i have " the flashcard fuctions in mobile phone or tablet " Why it just only appears in PC version WHYY


    It's absolutely awesome! Thank you again Duolingo for making possible the language learning free!


    Super cool!! Thanks a lot for bringing the app over to WP. I did not know about Duolingo before it appeared on the Windows Store. I can finally ressurect the odd bits of German I used to know and try again,and properly! Cheers!!


    who has a windows phone


    Most of the people on this page ;-)


    quando abbiamo duolingo in mio playbook di blackberry ;((?


    Prova a cercarlo sullo store di Amazon, ad alcuni pare funzioni anche su BB. (esperienza di seconda mano, non garantisco)


    I/m using Windows phone on Samsung ATIF S, let/s see if it works!

    And it works pretty well!


    Thank you Duolingo...I've just started and I'me loving it already.


    That's Nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    My parents wouldn't ever let me get that even though it's really cool.


    Learned about Duolingo from seeing the Duolingo app in the Windows Phone store myself! Love it so far, thanks!


    Waited long for the app! Glad it's here finally!


    Hello everyone or HOLA I can't wait to get the Duolingo app Adios


    I've been considering getting a Windows phone for a while now (anyone have recommendations?), its great to know I will still be able to use Duolingo on it!


    I have a Lumia 930 and adore it.



    (yeah, I know that's redundant, but I just wanted to say thanks)


    do you really speak that amount of languages?


    Hi Fernando, I believe duolingo is not exactly about speaking, but rather understanding - you don't 'speak' unless you constantly use spoken language in communication. ;)

    If you wanna know: I'm Polish so this is my native, I speak English and Spanish fairly well (use them on a daily basis), and currently developing in French and German. Lvls 2nd in Dutch and Swedish don't really allow me to even say that I can read anything in those. :)

    Good luck with your progress! Regards Kamil


    I would love to learn Polish. I am going to work there next year. If only Duolingo had Polish!


    Polish is in incubator, I've heard that team is working on it. I'm sure it's a huge work to do, but let's hope it's gonna be released soon enough to help you out before moving to PL. :) See you in Poland!


    Thank you! Using the web version on my Lumia 1520 was quite cumbersome.


    The app ist fantastich. If you guys could put the little mini lessons in there too, that'd be great.


    is it on ipod touch


    Awesome but too bad because I'm not getting the phone


    Hi everybody! I'm an Italian girl....Sorry but I don't have a Windows Phone. My partner has got a smart Phone....but he is lazy and he's always find excuses in order not to teach me some technology! What a pity!


    if you dont know about technology you can look it up


    Yeah! now I can practice French wherever I go.


    Thank you, thank you thank you! Christmas has come early :D


    how can i use the duolingo app on windows phone with my facebook account as i can login using the iphone and android apps but didnt know how to login using the facebook account?


    Hi, got the same problem and here's how I managed to solve it: I changed the settings on web (https://www.duolingo.com/settings/account), set a password for duo itself (nevertheless I created a duo account in with a fb account) and logged in app with my nickname (mr00) and password I've just set.


    Yay! Finally. Thanks for making this.


    so I got the installer sent via the store... and it keeps staying in pending state... never installing..but Irish is not available there anyway so I may wait


    I have exactly the same thing on a Lumia 520 with developer preview build 14203 - just hangs as pending after downloading 2MB. I also have a Lumia 920 and it downloads and installs fine on that.


    I have Lumia 930 with OS of 8.10.14157.200.. cancelled the installation several times, resent the link... nothing I am afraid :(.. never seen this behaviour before TBH


    I have the same exact phone and OS version and got installed just fine. Try to restart the phone.


    yeah right.. the windows trick #1 - and of course worked


    My Android phone used to need a restart in order to make the Volume + (hardware) button working (it stopped working every couple of days) :-). I am glad it works for you now.


    I am so grateful for this! I was considering a Windows phone when I upgrade in December, but didn't want to switch from my Android simply because I use my Duolingo app every day and wasn't sure I could get the app on the new phone. Now I have the freedom to choose. Has anyone done a comparison between the Android app and the Windows app? Any major differences that I need to know about before making the switch?


    As far as I can tell - WP version does not support voice speaking exercises. I do currently have no access to working Android phone for comparisson.


    Thanks! Good to know!


    In WP app you currently can't report a problem with a wrong translation, nor see the discussion around the sentence. I believe it's gonna be added in nearest future.


    You may be interested: I found another difference, or rather a glitch: When you run WP app and disable listening exercises there (I do it 'cause I use it mostly while commuting to work without headphones), the listening is going to get disabled also on the web. Pretty annoying, as it makes also the 'translate' exercises on web quiet (unless you hit ctrl+space for each one).

    That certainly seems like a bug so I hope it's gonna be fixed pretty soon.


    Thank you for the info! Definitely something I would like to see fixed before making the switch.


    Thank you so much! i found out about that app from windowscentral.com, and i've been looking for something like that for years!! Greetings from Slovenia!


    my friend just got it :D


    Thank you! Made a resolution to learn spanish and was heartbroken to see the duolingo was not in the windows store, but I just checked and I am happy I can practice now. Gracias!


    Seems that it isn't available in South Africa :(


    hola que tal mi nombre es william feal soy ingeniero en computación y quisiera intercambiar con personas inglesas el lenguaje es decir yo enseño español y me enseñan ingles


    They should make an update for the iOS app because...


    La espera fue larga, pero la aplicación de Windows Phone Duolingo ya está disponible en: https://www.windowsphone.com/s?appid=2d89520e-d360-4b5b-ba5a-5a15064aa935

    En consonancia con nuestra misión, la aplicación es 100% gratis, sin anuncios, cargos ocultos o contenidos de pago "premium".

    En lugar de simplemente portar nuestras aplicaciones para el iPhone o Android, hemos trabajado duro para hacer una experiencia de Windows Phone verdaderamente nativa - es rápido, suave y se siente como Windows Phone :)



    That's so cool. I am definitely going to have to get that app on my phone! :)


    Thank you for making this. I've always wanted to learn a second language and tried this app out knowing nothing about it. Now I use it and the website. I'm hooked!


    What? I didn't know you guys had an Android or IOS app. :O


    Merci for creating this app and continuing to make it free. I really means alot


    The app does not work with swipe feature. Kindly fix.


    Finally Duolingo come up with fantastic apps. Now just want to use them as soon as possible.Instead you have made such a wonderful app from such a long gap of time.Anyways will give 100% ratings to it. Best luck. http://androidbabbles.com


    I thought it was already available!


    that is a good idea for English learners


    That's great news!


    please give me linogts


    my phone comes up blank when i search for the app :(


    Go Duolingo! I wish more services had the sense to make windows phone apps, and not just ports. I got started on duolingo because of the windows phone app and I'm on my way to learning Danish! Jeg snakker dansk!


    Apparently it won't work on my phone... that's unfortunate. I was hoping it would work out. Just have to wait it seems


    Can it be as beautiful as Android and IOS please @@


    how do i get those red little boxes so i can get something from the store can anyone please tell me


    You play your language practice and get some lingots depending on how many hearts you have and what you completed.


    oh okay thank you so much you are very helpful XD


    Got it last Wednesday, been learning German. Love it, but it needs voice support.


    Can I use this with my Surface P3?


    Nope- looks like Windows Phone apps and Windows 8 apps are completely different things... It would be cool if you made one for non-phone devices (like the Surface...)


    Sound great! I've been using the android app alongside Mango on my Blackberry Q10 and it's worked great. I have no complaints for the lack of native Blackberry apps, but would ask if you could port your windows mobile version over to tablets as well. I use my phone all the time when I'm on the go but when I stay a while I'll pull out my HP Envy X2 Windows 8 tablet, and though the web interface works fine it would be nice to have a native app for my tablet too. Thanks for branching out though, I really have found duolingo to be a great app in my language learning arsenal.


    I don't have to fear anymore :) Now I can switch from Android


    i think these guys at duolingo are really upto something but one thing i am clear about is that, it is not money..., they are on a mission for better communicated world n they are trying to achieve it by their cool n simple interface...no ads policy shows that they are not into money and LAUNCHING APP FOR WINDOWS SHOWS THAT THEY WANT THEIR ROOTS DEEPER even to farthest point


    Hi there. I truly appreciate the Duolingo team for the app. It has a beautiful, minimalistic, classy interface. I have been going through the comments to see if anyone has been having my problem with the app though. Most often, like 9 out of the 10 times I try to open the app... it just doesn't. I have re-installed, re-started and re-done everything I could think of. The problem persists. I am using Lumia 520, with Windows 8.1. Any thoughts on what could be going wrong? I am really falling back on my "streak". :) It would be great if I could get a reply from the team. Thanks a bunch! Cheers to you guys... -A big fan.



    after upgrading the app (18.12.2014 upgrade), it changed the way of learning. Is there a way to change it back?

    Thanks in advance for replies. Peter


    it says not available for lumia 1320. how is this possible?


    When installing or when searching the store?


    both. i found out why. had to update my system, did it. Happy! :)


    Horrible keyboard: can only be used in vertical position (does not rotate to horizontal position) !


    now we need one for tablets, i don't know actually, there may be one in the US store, but in the uk store i cant find this on my tablet


    I wonder is it ever going to come to Windows 10?


    It says "having trouble connecting to doulingo right now" even when I am using Wifi. I cannot use the app on my Lumia 1320. Anyone can help? Thanks


    The app works perfectly on Lumia 640 LTE


    When are you planing on introducing OAuth for Facebook/Gmail, as currently I can't use my account on my phone?


    The App isnt working on my Lumia 1520 for 2 days now. Is that a known problem or do i have a problem with my phone? I tryed a reinstall but no luck so far. It seems to me, that the app isnt able to login. I Love this app. Its the most used app on my phone after Whatsapp :)


    Works for me on my w10 950xl


    Now you just need to make Korean available for Windows Phone

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