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"to bring" as a translation for "portare"

Dear Duolingo,

Please accept "to bring" as a translation for "portare". It's a very common translation for the verb.

Thanks, Jeff

July 3, 2013



Dear Jeff,

When you notice that 'to bring' is not accepted please click on the 'my answer should be accepted' button. It will help both of us :)



I always do, and yet I keep finding more instances of this error. Rather than waiting for me to report them, I'd prefer if the Duolingo staff could be proactive about improving the quality of the product. Training takes so much longer than it should because of all of these little errors on your part.


The team spends a good deal of time looking at every single report. As we don't want to miss a thing, you can be sure that everything you submit contributes to improving the quality. So thanks again!


I am now working on a lesson where "to take" is the correct translation for "portare" in all but one of the sentences, where "to bring" is accepted as correct and "to take" is rejected. It's infuriating.

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