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"O menino gosta de comer doce."

Translation:The boy likes to eat sweets.

November 19, 2014



This should have the plural "Doces" instead of the singular "doce" Isn't that true?


Not necessarily. See the comments in this discussion (particularly the one by native speaker erudis):



Oh okay, I am guessing in that case that in Brazil they speak differently than here in Mozambique. We would say "O menino gosto de comer doces" Though I can see how it could be correct to use the singular.


I think Brazilians are bigger fans of this expression than the rest of us, Portuguese speakers. I too, would use the plural. But you would say "Não gosto de maçã", as in "I don't like apples", right?


Well I think I would generally use the plural there too, but I believe that the people would understand when you meant. Mozambique's Portuguese is a lot different, and they generally use much simpler Portuguese.


Could "comer doce" mean also sweet food?

I thought so, but was marked wrong.


If you're thinking about "food that is sweet", that would be written "comida doce" instead.

If you're thinking about "sweet food" as a substitute of "sweets, dessert", both are acceptable. "Comer" here is a verb, not a noun (to eat sweet food = comer doce).


In Canada do you say ...likes to eat sweets or ...likes to eat dessert or another variation?

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