"I like a girl."

Translation:Jag tycker om en flicka.

November 19, 2014

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what is this OM business?


”Tycka om” as a fixed expression means ”to like”.


I kissed a girl and I like it


just found my family


lmao wait what


the taste of her cherry chapstick, i kissed a girl just to try it, i hope my boyfriend dont mind it!


When is it en and ett ?


There are no fixed rules, but normally living beings are ”en”.


With the notable exceptions of ett barn and ett djur (same as in German and Dutch).

En and ett are grammatical genders (like der, die, and das in German or de and het in Dutch), you just have to learn them with the word.


Yeah and ”ett svin” and ”ett lejon” etc. There are no rules for gender in Swedish and therefore you could list many counter-examples. I was merely giving a rule of thumb.


I feel with Swedish after a while you just know the correct gender for a word. You will get there :)


You just have to know it by heart. It's one of the hard things about Swedish. However, as stated already, there somewhat of an animate/inanimate dimension to en/ett, with countless exceptions.


Why can't I say "Jag älskar en flicka"?


That would be "I love a girl" instead of "I like a girl".


When do you use tycker om and when tycka om?


Tycka om is the basic form: to like.

When someone likes or is liking something, it's tycker om.


So, let me undedrstand this... when we say "I like a girl (or somebody)" we need to say this "om" and when we say "I love a girl" we don't need the "om"? it is correct?


Yes - many Swedish verbs are so-called phrasal ones, which consist of more than one word.

tycker om is one such verb. The om is part of the verb. But älskar is not a phrasal verb, it's just one word.


Is there a big difference between "tycker om" and "gillar"?


No, they're completely synonymous. gillar is considered a little more colloquial by some, but that's the only difference.


What is the difference between tycker and alskar? Is it "to like" vs "to love"?


Exactly, but note that the verb is tycker om, not just tycker. :)


What is the difference between flicka and tjej? How do I choose?


I'm not sure if this is just me but when you scroll on the translation for like "Gillar" it shows "Gilla" instead. Either are translations but it corrects to say "gillar" is the right choice yet the main option is "gilla".


The hints are a bit tricky sometimes. You need to learn to pick the right one. :)


Is "om" only used with "tycker"? Eg. Jag tycker om en flika. Why no "om" in: Jag älskar en flicka?


"Tycker om" is a fixed expression.


No, it's a phrasal verb.


I guess "phrasal verb" is the correct English translation of "löst sammansatt verb", which is what my German teacher back in 7th grade told me that these verbs were called in Swedish (she even used "tycker om" as a Swedish example, since none of us knew any Swedish grammar terms). Thanks. I'll try to remember...


You're right - tycker om is indeed a löst sammansatt verb. There's a slight problem with that term, though - it's a little hard and serves little practical purpose to teach. It doesn't cover all multi-word verbs, after all, and it can be very confusing to separate them from particle verbs - with virtually no benefit to the learner. So we tend to use "phrasal verb" because it works as a cover-all term. :)


Thanks for the clarification! Good idea to use a more universal term as well, even though it was new to me! :-D


It doesn't mean anything on its own in this particular sentence, but "tycker" and "tycker om" are two completely different verbs in Swedish.

tycker (base form "tycka"): think, find. Example: "Jag tycker det är svårt." - "I find it hard."

tycker om (base word "tycka om"): like

"om" on its own is usually a conjunction (if) or a question word (if?), but it can also be a preposition (about/around). It is however very frequently used as a part of a loosely connected verb, like "köra om" (to overtake) which isn't the same thing as "köra" (to drive) - or "göra om" (to remake) which isn't the same thing as "göra" (to do).


I put jag tycker om en flicka bit it wasnt accepted


Must have been a bug, if you had no spelling errors - it's the default translation.


Swedish has many verbs that consist of multiple words. One of them is tycker om. Both words are required for the meaning, so you can ignore what each word means in isolation.


Swedish has many verbs that consist of multiple words. One of them is tycker om. Both words are required for the meaning, so you can ignore what each word means in isolation.


I thaught you said that in swedish we dont write articles "en" when speaking about persons like in this example we would say "jag tycker om en vegetarian" or "jag tycker om vegetarian" i'm confused??


That's for talking about people being things like for instance professions. But in your example, you're talking about someone liking a vegetarian, so the construction doesn't apply.


Could someone help me understand why is this correct: "Jag tycker om en flicka"

...but a few questions ago this was incorrect: "Jag tycker om en man"

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