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  5. "Hon äter bröd."

"Hon äter bröd."

Translation:She eats bread.

November 19, 2014



Why the answer as "a bread" is incorrect? So what is the word for "a bread" if not bröd?


When talking about something in general, both English and Swedish will often omit the article. This sentence just means she eats bread in general, not that she eats one bread. That'd be "ett bröd" in Swedish and preferrably "a loaf of bread" or something like that in English.


I'm not hearing the hon part . I'm hearing the ater brod.


Honestly not sure why that might be. The audio is correct on my end.


it sounds like swedish pronounce the b in bröd for instance like a d - is that correct?


No no, the is certainly the "b" sound in there. Run it through Google Translate a couple of times.


In answer to the posts below re why 'a bread' is incorrect, it is incorrect because 'bread' is an uncountable noun. We would never say 'a bread' in English; we would say 'a slice of bread' or 'a loaf of bread'.

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