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"I have no patience for losing."

Translation:Voor verliezen heb ik geen geduld.

November 19, 2014



Can you use "het" in front of gerunds? "Ik heb geen geduld voor het verliezen"


Technically you can, but then it would refer to a specific occurrence. Since this sentence is a general statement, it wouldn't make sense here.


No, you could still be referring to the general statement. It would be context-bound


Only if you say het verliezen VAN.... . For example ik heb geen geduld voor het verliezen van mijn portemonnee / i have no patience for losing my wallet. "Het verliezen" without specifying what is always wrong


Why is "Ik heb voor verliezen geen geduld." wrong?


If we agree that moving the "voor verliezen" to the front of the sentence causes inversion, and the proposed translation does indeed show that inversion, then it strongly suggests that "voor verliezen" has moved from somewhere. I had it at the end of the sentence "Ik heb geen geldud voor verliezen," because that places the emphasis in the Dutch where it was in the English. However your construction looks OK to me as well. Would someone care to weigh in?


I wrote the same as AnneMerdinger. I'm no expert, but I have seen a lot of cases where sentences have been inverted in a similar way, which then have been accepted. A couple of excercises later there was the same sentence to be translated from English to Dutch, and I tried with 'Ik heb geen geduld voor verliezen', and it was accepted!

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