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See your errors after practicing

I think it'd be good to be able to see all the mistakes you've made after you've finished your exercise, especially with timed practice, since you don't really have the time to look and understand what you did wrong.

July 3, 2013



it is even better for us to save the errors we made and the questions we answered wrongly are automatically collected to produce a test of all our errors?


That would be extremely helpful!


This is a wonderful idea! And there is not need to compromise the point of timed (or not timed) practice; a summary page of all mistakes at the end of each practice session would be really useful.


Interesting that Duo staff often ignores these suggestions with such obviously large support from the users.


I really love the proposal! Maybe it is even possible to give a short summery on a higher level. E.g. pay attention that a certain noun has a different gender, or don't forget gramatical construct xx. In a later duolingo version, this could be extended across different exercises and give further feedback on personal weak points.


I would love that.


Yes it would be helpful. Then you could go over your cheat sheet, if you have one, and try to understand where you went wrong and identify the rules and things that are giving you the most trouble.


This is a great idea! I write all vocabulary and examples down in my notebooks and have a bad habit of starting a lesson over for missing one, this would actually help me get out of restarting the lesson.


I'm glad to see this suggestion is popular. This would be especially helpful after timed practice. In fact, I don't get much use out of the instant review. No time


I agree - this is already a great learning tool, but reviewing my mistakes would be great!!


That's a good way of thinking. Sadly, 7 years later, Duolingo is removing timed practice. Lots of people want them back. I'm glad I still have them.


The whole point of timed practice is to force your brain to think quicker, so that when you will need to use the language in real life, you will be able to translate and compose sentences faster, because the enviroment is far less stressing. If they would allow you to stop the timer in order to see the mistakes you've made, that sense of stress would be erased, and your brain would relax. And, in that particular training, in which the goal is to make you think faster, is bad. If you want to check your mistakes, you can easily choose to practice without a timer.


My suggestion wasn't to be able to pause the timer, rather when you've finished your timed training (in other words: when you've finished ALL your exercises) you get an overview of all the mistakes you've made during that training. I don't see how this couldn't be beneficial.


Seeing a list of my errors would help me to focus on the vocabulary or grammar I need to study more.

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