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  5. "I like singing."

"I like singing."

Translation:Ik vind zingen leuk.

November 19, 2014



Ex. 2. Can you use "het" in front of these gerunds? ie. "ik vind het zingen leuk"


You can but it's a less general statement. Let's say you joined a club of some sort where you do multiple activities and one of them is singing. When someone asks you what you like about the club you could say: "ik vind het zingen leuk".


Makes sense. Thanks again.


What kind of diffrence there is between "ik vind het leuk om te zingen" and "Ik vind zingen leuk." ? (thanks for helping ^^)


Sounds to me like the difference (or lack of) between "I like to sing" and "I like singing"


Thanks ! I found this explanation :

I like reading = You have pleasure in doing that activity I like to read = You think it is a good thing to do

It is the same in Dutch ?


No, both mean taking pleasure in the activity. Because you literally say that you like it.

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