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Translate this sentence error

I've been learning Portuguese, and I absolutely love it! I did find an error, which I haven't been able to see if it is reoccurring or not but I did screenshot it if it's needed.

I was given the sentence "The skirts are ours." It was the option to drag the optional words up to write the sentence in Portuguese. I know the sentence is translated as "As saias são nossas," which I selected in that order from the options. After I selected Check, my answer was said to be incorrect with the correct solution "As meias são nossas" which translates to "The socks are ours." Costed me the full heart lingot :(

November 19, 2014



When I think my translation should be accepted, I do these two things:

  1. Read the "discuss this sentence" below the question. Usually someone has come up with the same thing and the comments will discuss whether it's also acceptable and why.

  2. If the discussion doesn't contradict my translation, I will use "report an error" below the question and say "my answer should have been accepted." The course creators address the reports individually, so it might take a long time for them to get to mine. But if they agree, the translation gets added. (I don't think you get a response if your translation is ultimately wrong.)


I've been going Duolingo on my iPad and those options aren't yet available there. Thanks though!


Yeah, those aren't options in the iOS (though I think the Android might have it). The ability to see the discussion and report errors is a large reason why I've moved mostly to the web version of Duolingo instead of my phone.

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