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  5. "I do not like to take risks."

"I do not like to take risks."

Translation:Ik neem niet graag risico's.

November 19, 2014



Ik vind het niet leuk om risico's te nemen?


That's an okayish translation too in my opinion, but it kind of sounds like ''I don't think it's fun to take risks".


what about "ik wil geen risico's nemen?" - is that correct Dutch, or does it have a different meaning?


It means 'I don't want to take risks', which is something other than not liking to take risks.


Thanks! But now I'm scratching my head - are you thinking along the lines of "I don't want to take risks" meaning I will not do so compared with "I don't like taking risks" which means that I do take them but that it's not a pleasant experience?

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