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When Swedish is out of Beta..

Should I take it again so I can practice the pronunciation? From what I've seen they don't have pronunciation tests yet.

November 19, 2014



That assumes you'll finish the tree before it leaves beta and they fix the pronunciation!

I'm thinking that by the time I finish the tree, I'll be proficient enough with reading and writing that I can start conversing in person. My city has a Scandinavian heritage center, and I found a few meetups, events, and classes that sound promising.


Are you worried about learning the terrible pronunciation of the tts? I'm a little worried, so I've been exposing myself to as much Swedish sound as I passively can: radio, music, instructional YouTube videos. But I'll probably pick up some bad habits.


What do you think if one sets a daily goal of 50 XP and does about 110 XP daily, how long would one take to finish a tree?


It depends how much of that 110 XP is spent regilding the tree and how much is spent learning new skills. I recommend reading some of the "I FINISHED MY TREE!" threads for German to get a better sense of the rates that are normal.


Here is a discussion about Portuguese receiving speaking exercises: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4564547

That was two months ago while the Portuguese course was launched in 2012. It might therefore not be enough for a course to leave beta.

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