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  5. "Das Hotel ist nicht groß."

"Das Hotel ist nicht groß."

Translation:The hotel is not big.

November 19, 2014



how do you do that ß on the keyboard


I believe putting ss, is the equivalent.


I somehow still dont get when to use kein and when nicht


When negating a sentence which has an indefinite (i.e. with an indefinite article or no article at all) accusative object, you use a form of "kein" instead of "nicht".
Here is no accusative object at all, so "nicht" comes in.


Is there an alternative word for 'not big' that can be used to describe it in a more flattering way in German? Like small = cozy, old = rustic, badly painted = eccentric?


It depends on what you want to describe with "klein/not big". For a person you could use the word 'zierlich' which describes sb. small who has a bodytype similar to a fairy. To describe a little room, you could use 'eng' (tight) or 'bedrückend' but these words are mostly used to describe sth. on a negative way. But I suggest you to ask the all-knowing internet if these aren't enough descriptions.


So why was "The hotel is not big" incorrect.


ß is ss, like straße=strasse


There are rules when to write "ß" (long syllables) and when to write "ss2 (short syllables). So "Strasse" is not correct, but you have to write "Straße". there are only two exceptions:
1.) In Swiss orthography there is no "ß" at all. But you are learning Standard German here.
2.) In crossword puzzles


how do you do that ß

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