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Switching between "taught in" languages?

Hey guys! Sorry to bother you, but I recently added a French->Spanish course because I want to practice translating between the two instead of from my native language (English). Since I already have three open courses from my native language (German, Dutch, and Swedish), I think duolingo is getting... confused.

I can't switch easily between the French->Spanish course and the English->German;Dutch;Swedish ones and was wondering if you have any suggestions or if I should just accept this as a slight inconvenience.

*It also just changed my previous 6-day streak to a 1-day streak for seemingly no reason once I added the French->Spanish course...

Thanks for your help!

November 19, 2014



Hello, Duolingo lists the courses you are learning by the base language. If you are learning German, French, and Spanish from English then it will show those all at the same time and switching between them is as easy as going to the flag next to your profile picture on the blue bar and clicking it. But say you started English from Spanish. To switch between the courses you might need to click "Add a new course," and select the English to Spanish course.

As you can see I am learning English from French but it isn't listed conveniently. Happy learning! :D


You can use Duolingo Tweaks and it'll let you do that easily https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-tweaks/gcankdajnfcbepbhjhfechmandhfplen?hl=en Duo (I'm not doing any languages not from English but you can still see how it works)


Thanks so much! (I thought I'd replied to this ages ago, whoops, but I HAVE been using Duolingo tweaks for the past month -- thanks!!!).

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