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Swedish is not on the front page?

At the main Duolingo page where it shows what languages are available, Swedish is missing. It appears in the Get Started section but not the lower bar there. Has anyone else noticed this?

November 19, 2014



Maybe because it's in beta?

Edit: Nope, Irish, Danish and Dutch are on there. Maybe it's just because it's so new--and they only alotted so much space to that strip of flags.


Irish, Danish and Dutch are there.


Yup, noticed that right as you were replying. :)

Maybe it has to do with stability: Danish, Irish, and Dutch are all pretty close to released.


I remember them being there when the courses got released. That's how I found out Danish got released into beta.


I'm guessing because the developers don't think it's stable enough?


The others went up right on release. I don't think stability has anything to do with it. Maybe they need to do a small redesign to accommodate another language.


That makes sense. Good thinking.


Perhaps they haven't came up with a design for the front page yet. They also need to added available on Windows Phone.

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