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Option to enforce accents?

When attempting timed practice I've gotten into the bad habit of completely ignoring accents since there is no penalty. I feel that there should be an option to enforce missed accents on words... Maybe instead of getting 7 or 10 seconds you only get 4 or 7 when you miss an accent?

July 3, 2013



Not just the timed practice, also in the regular part. I generally type everything lower case without accents or punctuation, which I love because it's easy for me, but is it really a good idea?


To avoid this I ignore the timed practice- for the time being. Would love to be able to type accents on my phone when using the app, but not sure how to do this.


You hold down the letter you want to put the accent on and then you choose which one - or well on the iPhone it is that way. If you have a google play phone then you might have to google it.

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