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Daily digest email

Should we expect daily digest or something else (notification tab?) down the line to help us keep track or manage our comments and threads we follow ?

July 3, 2013



They send notifications via e-mail, but i would love to see a notification tab, like Facebook's one


Normally, you get an email notification for every reply in a thread you follow. Check your settings.


I'm getting those all the time, 7-20 emails per day. It's not a problem for me, I actually like it since it is reminding me to practice, but perhaps there are some people who find getting a lot of emails annoying but still they would like to see if someone has commented on a thread they're following without a need to check each thread. That's why I am proposing something like daily digest option. Perhaps it could be be included in a daily practice reminder. I only started this discussion since I don't know how many users would want(need) this option and how difficult would it be to set it up or if duolingo staff is working on something better..


Personally, I vote for a notification tab. For me, separate email notifications are a means to answer or comment immediately. If I don't want that, I'd prefer not to clutter my email with notifications at all, but have a notifications tab which I will check as frequently as I like: a few times a day, once a day or once a week. A daily digest does not have that flexibility.

The idea of onsite notifications and a tab of threads one is following has been raised a few times in discussions, so you are not alone :-)


I'm with you. If you try and help others by checking the threads related to your native language, you quickly get tons of emails. I would like a digest very much, if only to be able to go through it without having to click on every single new post (once per email...)

Also, choosing between digest and single email for each language would be nice. I get tens of notifications a day in my native language and 2 or 3 in the language i'm learning. I'd prefer a daily digest on the former, individual emails on the latter...

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