"Du dricker mjölk."

Translation:You drink milk.

November 20, 2014



"Mjölk" is such a fun word to say.

November 22, 2014


I laughed out loud when I realized that sounds like BJÖRK!

September 29, 2018


how do you pronounce it

December 19, 2015


Me-olk. First me, then kind of like egg yolk without the y.

March 25, 2016


So, just for clarification, "du" is you for a singular person. Whereas "ni" is you for a group of people (but is not "they")?

November 24, 2014


"Ni" is you plural. "Du" is you singular. "De" is they. :)

November 24, 2014


Ni would be what the Irish call "youse". You in plural

May 18, 2019


So in Swedish "You drink milk" and "You are drinking milk" is one and the same? There's no way to differentiate between these statements?

May 13, 2016


no, both is ''Du dricker mjölk'' :)

June 16, 2016


Can this be said as a question as well? With the right emphasis it can be received the same as "Do you drink milk?".

January 6, 2015


No, but with the right emphasis it can be made into a question the same way You drink milk? can be a question in English. To make a real question such as Do you drink milk? is in English, you need to put the verb first and say Dricker du mjölk?.

January 9, 2015


Yes, it would be "dricker du mjölk?"

January 9, 2015

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When all you hear is the audio... it's not easy to distinguish De, from Du, from Vi, although I can usually hear the last one... the other two.. it's flip a coin.

January 24, 2019


I dont understand one= man ? I always think man is a men

February 20, 2019


So how can you determine the past, present, and future tense of verbs in Swedish?

April 25, 2019


They'll get there. But here's a preview:

For the verb "to be": Jag är = I am / jag var = I was / Jag ska vara = I will be

For the verb "to speak": Jag pratar = I speak / jag pratade = I spoke / Jag ska prata = I will speak

(There are other ways of expressing the plural, such as with the verb "kommer" instead of "ska", or just using present tense forms and letting the future tense be implied by context.)

August 4, 2019
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