"The cooks like the strawberries."

Translation:Kockarna tycker om jordgubbarna.

November 20, 2014

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Generally speaking, when do you use tycker om, and when do you use gillar? Is there any difference?


gillar is a little more colloquial, otherwise there isn't much difference.


I miss-spelled jordgubbarna in five different ways...


Why does the hint for "The cooks" say "Kockarnas"? with an "s"?


There's a problem with adding hints to words ending in a 's. So that hint is most likely inherited from the word the cooks' (the cooks') where it is appropriate. Duo is aware of this problem and I hope they're trying to fix it for us.


The program is leaving two different tralsations for strawberries. Here it is smultronen, jordgubben was also previously used. Thats a bit unfair no?


Only jordgubbar is taught in the course, and as you can see above it is the word used in this sentence. smultron is an accepted translation because wild strawberries are smultron and sometimes strawberries could mean either. The system tries to match what you input to the closest accepted answer, so you can get shown smultron if you input something that is similar to it.


I wrote "Kockerna tycker om jordgubberna" and it got accepted as correct. But I got both plurals wrong? Are they also correct?


Are "tycker" and "om" separate words?


Yes, but tycker om is a so-called phrasal verb, to quote Arunauti.


Do they mean anything when they stand on their own? thanks!

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