"Do you want more pillows?"

Translation:Vill du ha fler kuddar?

November 20, 2014

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can you say "mer" instead of "fler" as well?



Basically, "fler" is used for things you can count (referring to the number of something), and "mer" is used for things you can't count (referring to the amount, or volume, of something). http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/theswedishteacher/2011/01/24/mer-mera-fler-or-flera/ a nice post explaining the difference. Some examples grabbed from there:

  • Lars dricker mer kaffe än Bengt. (Lars drinks more coffee than Bengt.)
  • Det finns fler sjöar i Finland än i Egypten. (There are more lakes in Sweden than in Egypt.)

Sometimes both are correct to use, depending on what you want to emphasize. In this case with the pillows, most Swedes would probably use "mer" and "fler" interchangeably.


Since when is Finland translated to Sweden? XD


Sometime between 1109 and 1809


When would you use fler vs. flera?


Rule of thumb: use "flera" when you mean "many" or "several", otherwise either.

Jag drack flera flaskor öl = I drank many/several bottles of beer.

Jag drack fler flaskor öl = I drank more bottles of beer.

The more important (?) question is when you should use fler/flera vs. mer/mera, but I'm not sure where in the tree that comes in :)


In this context, and for the most part, you can use either.


okay, why is it "ha" and not "har"?


Because of the auxiliary verb "vill". With auxiliary verbs, you always put the basic form of the verb that comes after it. That's why it's vill + ha instead of vill + har.


Could you use mer here because you can never have too many pillows


Why is it Vill du ha instead of Vill ha du?


At the moment the audio track for "kuddar" is a disaster (Jan 2022). The way Swedish spelling rules work, it sounds like they are saying "kudar" instead of "kuddar" (and I am a native speaker).

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