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"Ja, jeg havde en mor og en far."

Translation:Yes, I had a mother and a father.

November 20, 2014



"...as so many do!"


No one mourns the wicked!!


I feel sad now :(


... But now I have 2 moms! #lgbtq+rights


I answered : I had a mother and a father . But it was wrong . Why should i write : A mom instead of a mother . I think it's the same . Thank you !


You missed the word "Yes".


As opposed to, to mødre eller to fædre


Hi Duolingo, I was just wondering who makes up the sentences ? I find that some of those questions can be a bit insensitive sometimes, what if someone just lost one of his parent recently ? Here, you could quite easily replace it by "Yes, I had a white shirt" for example, and still illustrate your point. I know that everything that is family related can be potentially a hot topic, but then why take a chance ? Just saying, really like this language learning tool, but sometimes disappointed by the content of some of the sentences


The sentences are made up by volunteers on The Incubator where they dedicate a lot of time and effort into it. Unfortunately these sentences aren't going to be to everyone's taste (I remember many on the German one that would be much much worse than this, like seniors jumping out of windows) but really, you cannot learn the words for mother or father (or any other family member) without having a sentence that will probably remind you of them. I can't imagine wanting or being able to dedicate any time to Duolingo if a close family member recently died and probably wouldn't touch the family section, and I'm sorry, but I really don't see your point here. "Yes, I had a white shirt" won't teach you the words "mother" or "father". Family words are pretty common words and you have to learn them somehow


Maybe we should have a trigger warning before every single sentence. Just in case someone gets offended.


Thanks for your feedback. However this particular sentence is part of a lesson teaching past tenses, therefore the focus is more on past tenses than on using certain words right ? Of course, you have to learn the words for "father" and "mother" in a sentence, but "far" and "mor" are not so hard words to learn, not sure these would be the words that I would choose repeating constantly to be sure that they are assimilated. Once again, I really enjoy learning danish with duolingo, but this is not the first time I bump into a sentence that could sound a bit cold or insensible, and that time I just decided to leave a comment.


So is nobody ever allowed to talk about their family? The sentence is being spoken by one specific person. You are translating. Chill out. If people are being triggered by the mere mention of mor and far, then they oughta leave Earth because they clearly can't handle real life


I agree with Myh. It's a bit of an odd sentence and seems an unnecessary way to teach the past tense of "have".


I see your point, but I think that excactly these funny sometimes akward sentences actually help you remember the vocabulary even better...

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