"Mammorna dricker kaffe på restaurangen."

Translation:The moms are drinking coffee at the restaurant.

November 20, 2014

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Does anyone have any good articles/explanations for when to use "på" instead of "åt" for the english word "at"? Or, for that matter, when it takes the place of "i" to mean "in"?

EDIT: If anyone else is curious, here's an in-depth article I found on when to use på: http://www.thelocal.se/blogs/theswedishteacher/tag/pa/


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This is 6 months old, but, thank you


My main problem with this is my inability to spell restaurant properly in English :(


This always throws me off... I translate this as "The mammas drink coffee at the restaurant," because I call my mom Mamma, not mom. But duolingo still thinks I'm wrong. :(


why not the mothers are drinking...?


That should be accepted. Report it if it's marked wrong.


I heard 'brygger', not 'dricker'...


Only in Sweden these days. Very unfortunately. I wish I were there too


I heard "mamman är dricker kaffe på restaurangen". So "mamman är..." rather than "mammorna...". I try not to listen to the slow version unless i'm completely stuck, If i had, i would have picked it up there, but with normal speech speed, no chance. I've listened again and I still can't see how you'd tell the difference - any tips please?


My best guess is to look at the whole sentence. 'Mamman är dricker...' does not make as much sense as there are two present tense verbs there. (Remember Swedish does not distinguish 'drinks' from 'is drinking' - both are represented by 'dricker'. So, 'är dricker' ... I think is a nonsense, but I don't have experience to say for certain.)

In other cases, it can be harder to figure out (at least for me!). Sometimes you have to look at the adjectives. E.g. 'våra mammorna...' rather than 'våra mamman är' if the sentence suggests you are talking about our mums (i.e. two mums) rather than our mum (i.e. we're siblings and share a mum).


Mammorna drincker kaffe på restaurangen

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