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"Who received the Nobel Prize in physics last year?"

Translation:Vem fick Nobelpriset i fysik förra året?

November 20, 2014



Vem vann Nobelpriset i fysik förra året?


No, this is not a correct way of saying it since the Nobel Prize isn't something you "win". You are awarded it. The best verb in Swedish is actually "Tilldelas" i.e. "Vem tilldelades Nobelpriset i fysik förra året"


'Vem tilldelades...' is 'Who was awarded...' if you ask me. I think 'mottog/emottog' is a good translation of 'recieved'. Reported it missing to Duolingo. :-)


My point was not to show which word would be the best translation, but rather to show which verb would be the best to use in this situation. You are correct that "tilldelas" isn't a translation of "receive", but that wasn't the point.


Vem hade fått nobelpriset?


That'd be "had received" rather than "received".

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