"Det är en björn."

Translation:It is a bear.

November 20, 2014

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What is the pronunciation on 'Det' here? Is it sort of a "Deh' sound?


Yes, the T in "det" is silent (even when emphasized).


how do you correctly pronounce "Björn" I keep trying to say it into it but it keeps not registering it but it registers the other words- so how do I pronounce it? I know it says it but obviously I'm pronouncing it wrong compared to the text to speech-


Is it correct to say, "That is a bear,"? I found it a bit odd to say "It is a bear," but I was marked wrong when saying "That is a bear." Also, I typed "That's a bear," so it could be the contraction that causes it.


For most cases, "it" is a better translation than "that". To say "that's a bear" a more proper translation would be to use demonstrative pronoun "det där" to say "det där är en björn".


Thanks for explaining, "that" makes sense now.


Np. Hopefully you'll get the hang of it as you progress further.


why det if björn is an en word, woudlnt it be den?

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