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  5. "The bear is an animal."

"The bear is an animal."

Translation:Björnen är ett djur.

November 20, 2014



Is "Björnen är djuret" really wrong, or just a beta issue? If I am incorrect, how so? Thank you!


Björnen är djuret. = The bear is the animal. (A somewhat strange sentence, in my opinion, in either language.)

Björnen är ett djur. = The bear is an animal. (Note that this does not have to refer to a specific bear. In English, one would probably use Bears are animals to convey the same general idea, although there's nothing wrong with The bear is an animal either.)


Ok but now why "ett" is ok and "en" is wrong, since it's "a", not "the", I guessed using "en" was right but still got it wrong


An animal is ett djur; djur is an ett-word, not an en-word.


Djuret means "the bear" but you want to say "a bear", so the article is detached and goes in front of the word, like "ett djur".


'Djuret' means 'the animal'. The bear is an animal. Björnen är ett djur.


The bear is the animal?


No, that is "Björnen är djuret."


Djuret is "the animal", whereas ett djur is "an animal". It's the difference between "the" and "an"


Why are some word ett-words and some are en-words?


I do not have Swedish letters in my mobile


On most mobile devices you can press and hold on a letter for a couple seconds to get access to accents. If you do so on A you get access to Å & Ä. If you do so on O you get access to Ö.

You can also install a Swedish keyboard through your phone's settings.


I don't know how to tell this stupid program that I cannot put accents on. Anyone know how to get tbis across?


You could have known much earlier how to type the ö, ä and å if you had read comments in earlier lessons, because it has been asked and explained more often. There are several ways: 1. hold down the key and the accents appear. You will find the ü inder the u key, the ä under the a and the ö under the o. Or do 2, the easiest option: install a Swedish keyboard on your mobile device. BTW Duo is not stupid.


Is 'djur' pronounced the same as 'gor' (att gora) ???

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