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"Landmanden siger at der er rødgrød med fløde i pigens blå strømper."

Translation:The farmer says that there is rødgrød with cream in the girl's blue socks.

November 20, 2014



I'm pretty sure team denmark from duolingo is secretly recording foreign people that try to pronounce this to laugh at us...


Duo asked me to read this one aloud. I was pleased to see it tell me that I got those particular words right!


Til lykke!!!


I can't even begin to imagine that...


What on earth are the course writers on? Can we have some please?


What the heck is this sentence QwQ WHEN WILL I EVER NEED TO SAY THIS.


I think the course writer's use of absurd is to shock us into remembering the structure rather than the vocabulary. It is a typical "cadavre exquis". Admittedly the DK course has rather a lot of them! I don't find it a problem, what bothers me more is the poor English written by non-natives that never gets corrected.


Red groats? Are they similar to muesli?


It is a type of jelly with strawberries in it


My Duolingo accepted my answer, but it's translation said: "The farmer says that theres rødgrød with cream in the girl's blue socks". It should be either: "... says that there is..." or "... says that there's..." instead of "... says that theres..."

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