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Special characters for Swedish course

I am taking both German and Swedish. The German course allows you to type in special characters, but not the Swedish course. Will this be rectified soon, or is there a way around this using keyboard shortcuts? I have tried a few online resources which suggest various key combinations, but none that have worked so far! I think that being able to type in the correct characters is very important for learning a language properly, so I hope this will be rectified soon.

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November 20, 2014



I recommend installing the international keyboard as it saves you keystrokes: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/306560


Here is a list of which keys to press to get which accent with or without international keyboard: http://symbolcodes.tlt.psu.edu/bylanguage/nordic.html#winint


For those using Linux, it's possible to enter special characters with Compose key. E.g. compose key, a, " → ä compose key, o, a → å compose key, o, " → ö I usually set compose key to right alt.

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These are the windows shortcuts for the three letters in the Swedish alphabet that aren't in the English one. ALT 0228 - ä; ALT 0229 - å; ALT 0246 - ö;


Thank you! I have also added additional keyboard mappings to my Mac and PC, which makes life easier.


If you have a mac, it's easy! Option-u, followed by either a or o will give you ä and ö, and option-a will give you å. This is reasonably quick to type!


And if you have a recent OS like Mavericks, you can just hold down the vowel in question and you'll be given a choice of special characters using that vowel. If you don't get that option, then maybe it's a setting that needs to be turned on.


I use both a Mac and a PC, so have set up keyboards for each language on both now. Seems like the easiest way to me, and the required keys are easy to remember.


Tack så mycket! Can someone who knows more of these Windows shortcuts do a Sticky Discussion on this so that when I am using my desktop PC I can still use the correct accent marks, pretty please???


I have started using keyboard short cuts as I want to learn the accents as they are effectively different letters. However, I'm having a problem in that if I put the wrong one - ä instead of å for example - duolingo does not correct it and marks it as correct. And where there are exercises where the answer doesn't give you the spelling I don't know if I have it right or not.


I noticed this too. If I write a instead of ä, for example, it will be marked as correct. A bit frustrating as I don't want to get into bad habits this early on!


In that situation they have to mark it as correct as they don't give you the option to us accents. But if you DO use an accent then it should be marked as incorrect if it is.


Really? In the Spanish tree, you're only marked as incorrect if your lack of an accent turns it into a different word--and sometimes not even then. And in the Swedish tree so far, I've made typos like ett/en and those have been accepted. (The Swedish tree seems way more forgiving than the Spanish, though maybe the Swedish gets harder further up.)

Or are you talking about an ideal situation?


Yes, I meant in an ideal situation. Duolingo should detect that you HAVE done an accent and that it is right or wrong

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