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"Zij is zijn persoonlijke secretaresse op maandag."

Translation:She is his personal secretary on Monday.

November 20, 2014



Does this mean “She is his personal secretary on Mondays.”, “She will be his personal secretary on Monday.”, or something else? I can’t seem to think of a context where “She is his personal secretary on Monday.” makes sense.


I am curious about this too. Does "op maandag" mean every Monday or just this particular Monday?


This is not specified here. It could be either way :) When I read this sentence, I would assume she is his personal secretary every Monday though.


It could mean both, but I would assume every monday if I read this. If you leave out the word op, it would definitely mean the coming monday.


Yes, I have the same question. It might be useful if a Dutch native speaker could clarify what the original sentence means -- every 'maandag' or a specific 'maandag'. If it means "iedere maandag" (which I'm guessing it does) then the English translation should read: '...........secretary on Mondays.'


Check Stephanie197396's response.


What a great opportunity missed to use "temporary secretary" instead!


I meant to write "correct!"

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