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Is there a Danish site like bbclearningenglish.com?

Hello everyone,

I am currently learning the Danish through Duolingo (a big thank you to the team by the way ^^) and I was wondering if there is a site like "http://www.bbc.co.uk/worldservice/learningenglish/language/" in Danish. I have used it for english and it has great materials. I was wondering if there is something equivalent provided by some Danish organization? Or what could be a great site with "children stories". Which means with easy vocabulary.

If you have some good web sites, feel free to share. It would be of great help for the Danish learning community.

Tusind tak!

November 20, 2014



Having never used BBC Learning English, I can't really say if there's anything like it, but a few good (free) resources are:
Anders Basby's site, which is handy for exercises, grammar explanations and pronunciation.
Danske Udtale. The channel hasn't been too active recently, but the videos (most of which are in Danish) are definitely useful for learning. He speaks slowly and clearly, too.
Gramatik for Dummies descriptions of grammar using examples from Danish and comparing them to other languages (not really made as a resource for learning Danish from what I can tell, but can definitely be used as one)
Hope these help out a bit, even if they're not quite the same


Thank you very much for all these good websites. :-)


There is a Danish website for learning Danish at www.danskherognu.dk

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