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"Perioden går fra oktober til december."

Translation:The period goes from October to December.

November 20, 2014



I am not a native English speaker but shouldn't "The period lasts from October to December" be correct as well?


Yes, that's right. As a native English speaker, I think your suggestion is more natural than this one.


I am also a native English speaker, but I'd find it more natural to say 'goes' here. Both are technically correct, I think dialect determines the preference.


So earlier, Duolingo told me that går refers specifically to walking and not to going, but now here it's used for an abstract going. The language used in the help text could be made more specific.

[deactivated user]

    Is there a particular reason why "The period is from October until December" is wrong? Seems like the same thing as "The period goes from..." which sounds kind of weird.


    Yeah, that's definitely what caught me


    So is "period" used for an indeterminate length of time, like in English?


    Correct, "periode"-any length of time.


    I translated 'runs' rather than 'goes'. I thnink that should be marked correct as well.


    Idk why you were down voted. "The period runs from October to December" sounds fine in English.

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