"De är pojkar."

Translation:They are boys.

November 20, 2014

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How do I pronounce pojkar properly? I find the computerised words are making it difficult for me to hear he pronounce it. Sorry to bother you


I'll try to help.

Poj- is like boy but with a p.

-kar is like car but the a is not like in car, but like in bizarre.

The emphasis is on the 'poj'.

Hope it helped! :)


The a in car and bizarre are pronounced the same where I'm from at least. Thanks for the help though, it is useful.


The word ar was not even pronounced. Is that weird, or just a standard way fluent Swedes speak (like English speaking people making we are to we're)?


"Är" is commonly pronounced /eː/ in everyday conversation and here it sort of melts together with "de". But as Super8Mario says "de" is usually pronounced "dom", in which case you'd hear the "är".


They pronounce "de" dom, since that I think that är should be pronounced too


Hello. This "Dom" "De" thing is quite funny: Actually the voice says "DOM" but the progrmme wants you to write "DE" :) "Dom" and "De" are synonymes, "dom" was earlier used only in spoken swedish, but it is now accepted also in written swedish and used everywhere. I very much think that the programme shoud use either "dom" or "de". It can be very confusing to hear something else and the have to write differently. I do hope they will change this.


"dom", "de" and "dem" are not synonyms

either you use the format (when writing) "de/dem" where "de" = they and "dem" = them, or you use the format "dom" where "dom" = both "de" and "dem"


I wouldn't say "dom" is fully accepted in all written situations, even though we're probably moving towards it. Using it can often be seen as lazy and lacking in language skills. I'd be careful when for example applying for a job, using "dom" could actually be the thing that makes an employer chose someone else.


I keep getting these ones wrong when I have to listen and then type what I am hearing. Grrr. lol


How do we type the accents and special characters with an english keyboard? I know it gets marked correctly by just using the plain letters, but I want to learn them properly and I can't do that without being able to type them. :S


alt+132 = ä alt+137 = ë alt+139 = ï alt+148 = ö alt+129 = ü :p


You can add a Swedish keyboard layout to Windows or Mac and easily switch between your normal one and the Swedish one. On a QWERTY keyboard Å Ä Ö (the only extra letters we have in Swedish) would then be to the right of the P / L keys.

Windows: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/258824

Mac: http://support.apple.com/kb/PH18448


If you are using a touch screen hold your finger on the letter for a moment .. More options should be available to choose from


Another option on Mac is to hold the key for the letter you're typing for a few seconds until a menu appears above the letter, then press the number key corresponding to the special character you want. For example, holding the 'a' key for about a second opens the menu, then pressing the '4' key inserts the character 'ä'.


To anyone wondering about this: Just add swedish keyboard to your windows and you can switch between different keyboards by pressing shift+alt


"De" works for masculine and feminine as "they" or is there a pronoum specific for girls?


"De" and "Dom" are both uded for masculine and feminine "they." Just as in English :) "De" used to be the grammatically correct expression, "dom" became later. - It is somewhat difficult for me do understand why Duolingo wantas to "speak" DOM and "write" DE. I have reported this, too, but so far no answer. I have red Swedish at school - started some 58 years ago - I have also lived in Sweden and do follow the development of Swedish language e.q. by newspapers, TV and frequent visits to Sweden. Like the language, like Duolingo!


It's like "they". So same for common and neuter, yes.


Why is "De" pronounced like "Don"?


It's said as if it were "dom", which is also an accepted colloquial spelling. It's just the way it is with that particular pronoun.


But it's not how "de" normally pronounced, right?


No. I typed "dom" and it said i was wrong


Hi! How do I recognize "De" and "Dem" from each other (when pronounced)??? I'm so confused. Thanks!


You don't. The context will tell, or the word order.

John gav brödet till dom/dem. Dom/de gav brödet till John. (X gave the bread to Y)


Why do we use "är" in this sentence when others of similar structure do not? Is it because we are using "de" instead of "vi" or "du" for example?


What similiar structures do you mean?


Is de pronounced "day", "duh", or "dough-m"?


It is pronounced like "Dom"


So in pojkar, do i say the wnding r as i would in english "car" or like in spanish "estar"


More like the English one.


De sounds very much like "dom" to me, is that correct?


Steve hello. The lady sais "dom", but you have to answer "de" or some other propriete word depengins of the sentence. I have reported this a few times: they use "dom" in Sweden, in spoken and writtan language, it is quite o.k. But even if Duolingo "makes the lady say DOM", it does not accept "dom" as a correct answer. I think it should :) but I have learned to skip this "problem", even if I do not think it is very logic. Have a nice study.


There's a problem with the dictation exercises. We can't get any kind of spelling variation accepted in them. – Both de and dem are pronounced dom, but the standard spelling is de and dem respectively. However dom is also an acceptable spelling (it's just more informal) and it's generally accepted when translating. It's just not accepted in the dictation exercises because of this technical problem.


And how could I say "the boys"?? I remember for the women it was "kvinnor- kvinnorNA" so the boys could be "pojkar- pojkarNA"?


"Pojkarna" is correct, yes.


why pojke end with "ar" and flicka with " or " what is the exact grammar for this words to understand


How do you pronounce är


like "air", but with a rolling R


Why does"De" sound like dum


It is spellt de but most swedes pronounce it as if it would be spelt dåmm.


Instead of saying"de" and "dem" for They and Them, you often say "dom" instead of both (apart from more northern dialects) . We often write "dom" nowadays to, but it has yet to become an actual word in the Swedish dictionary.


Hon säger fel, she says wrong when she says dom


No, a lot of Swedes pronounce "de/dem" as "dom". Spelling it "dom" is also being more and more accepted.


I thought that it does not matter if it is there or there are.


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