"Det finns en särskild vegetarisk meny."

Translation:There is a special vegetarian menu.

November 20, 2014

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Hear the correct pronunciation of vegetarisk here: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/vegetarisk/

Edit: that word was said wrong by our previous TTS, but the present one gets it right/ 2015-05-19


Earlier on in the course we learned 'vegetarian' - when do we use these different words?

Cheers :)


Vegetarian is a noun: en vegetarian - flera vegetarianer
vegetarisk is an adjective: en vegetarisk meny


Thank you very much


The pronounciation "sarskild" sounds different when heard the slow version


The slow version is a little dirty but both are more or less ok. Hear a native speaker say it here: http://sv.forvo.com/search-sv/s%C3%A4rskild/


Thanks. I was really confused too. In one case we have "rs" so it should be "sashkild" but in other case we have "sk" next to it, so it should be "sarshild". So in this case "sk" is stronger than "rs" :) So is there some common rules of pronunciation of such constructions (like -rski-)?


You could never expect to get a [k] sound before an [i] unless it's a loan word.

/k/ sounds like /k/ before the 'hard' vowels a, o u, å
and like [ɕ] before the 'soft' vowels e, i, y, ä, ö.

särskild is pronounced the way it is because of what it consists of: the parts are sär and skild (skild means 'separated' and sär has a meaning like 'apart' or something like that).

/sk/ sounds like /sk/ before the 'hard' vowels a, o u, å
and like [ɧ] before the 'soft' vowels e, i, y, ä, ö.

So the /sk/ in skild sounds like [ɧ]. The /r/ before it can either be dropped, said as an /r/, or sort of melt into the [ɧ] sound. There's quite a bit of variation.


Thank you very much! Your explanation is clear and comprehensive as always


The /sk/ is like the /ch/ in Deutch?


The German language (not the word "Deutch"). For example, in "Ich", "Mädchen"...


No. Sk is pronounced like "fw". So skild sounds like "f-will-ed"


That's not really right.


When you get a Swedish question wrong because you spelt the English wrong :(


definition of why i fail half of the skip tests


When do you know that Det = It and Det = This/That ?


it = det
this = det här
that = det där


"there is" not "it is"? Why is the latter unacceptable?


That would've been "det är".


Is "Det finns " in Swedish equivalent to "il y a" in French. Tack så mycket


How would you say "It is a special vegetarian menu" ?


Having talked to the locals at work, they feel är and finns are completely interchangeable and only vary in usage by region. I will run this sentence by them today


In Scania, you can say Där är en meny and it will mean There is a menu, however that is not accepted in this course since we teach Standard Swedish and not all Swedes will even understand that expression in the first place (most would take it to mean 'There's a menu there'). I don't think I've met any native speakers who would use Det är en meny and Det finns en meny to mean the same thing, but who knows. (However, what people claim they say and what they actually say tend to be very different things).


If i am looking at a spefic piece of paper, it would be det är. But to make a general comment with nothing in hand it would be det finns. Yes?


I like these insights. Whilst I understand the need to stick to Riksvenska for the course, it is really helpful to see skånska variants of language use (especially seeing as I live in Skåne.)


En sårskild skådespelare speler med sköldpaddan. (?)


En särskild skådespelare spelar med sköldpaddan.


Jag vet den särskilda svåren = I know the special answers. Is that correct?


Late answer, but it would be Jag kan de särskilda svaren.
kan for knowing words and answers.
de is the plural definite article
svar is 'answer' but svår is 'difficult', don't mix them up.


Thanks Arnauti, for always helping us out with a detailed and clear explanation.


In Swedish does the "sk" sound come out as "f"?


No, as a so called sje-sound. It does not exist in English. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sj-sound


Is it more of an F and-or Kw and-or Q and-or H blend? I think I just need to listen to this one over and over. It sounds different every time I hear it - and again on the wikipedia recording!


I usually explain it as a CH-sound as in Scottish loch or German ach, but a lot softer.


Can I use speciell instead of särskild?


In this sentence; Yes

(I don't know what duo accepts, but in this sentence it would mean the same; there is a different menu available, with only vegetarian dishes.)


If this were an ett word, would both "special" and "vegetarian" get the -t ending?


Yes; Det finns ett särskilt vegetariskt recept (recipe)

And -a ending for plural or definite.


Earlier in another exercise, 'det finns' was defined as 'there exists', why is 'There exists a special vegetarian menu' wrong?


If vegetarisk is vegetarian, how would you say vegan? I'd like to describe my friend and have her be able to say she is a vegan. Tack så mycket för svaret!


Easy: your friend is a vegan. :)

But please note that vegetarisk is the adjective vegetarian, as in a meal being vegetarian. For people, you want vegetarian.


I cannot understand why "finns" is used instead of "ar!" I never saw an explanation for that "finns" anywhere!


It's most often for existence, as in the case with "there is" sentences.


If 'sarskild' (forgive me, I don't know how to put accents etc on a chromebook keyboard!) is 'special', is there another word for 'specialist'? Also, I get the impression that Duo has fixed the pronunciation of some words recently, has 'vegetarisk' improved at all? Just to clarify. Tack.


special = "speciell" or "särsklid"
specialist = "specialist"

And yes, "vegetarisk" is correctly pronounced by the new voice :).


Great, thanks!


When I play "särskild" faster "sk" has a "sh" sound, but when I play it slowly, it has another sound that is closest to "khw" lol. so which one do i say? =D


Either is fine. Personally, I say it with the sje-sound, but that may vary dialectally.


Just out of interest what is the "special" conveying here?


I would say a separate menu for vegetarians.


Särskild could also be translated as "separate" "exclusive" "different" why aren't any of these accepted as responses?


In the sentence the pronunciation of särskild respects the "rs" combination but in the single word pronunciation it respects the "sk" sound. I understand the latter one is the correct pronunciation, right?

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