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  5. "I do not know."

"I do not know."

Translation:Jag vet inte.

November 20, 2014



This, along with Jag forstår inte, very useful when learning swedish.


After several years learning german, the sentence I used the most in Berlin was "Ich habe nicht verstanden" along with "Können Sie bitte längsamer wiederholen." How do you say the latter in swedish ?


There you go, 'Är du snäll och upprepar det långsammare?'


Or, better yet: skulle du kunna säga det lite långsammare?


I had the correct answer written until I saw that it gave the "gör" translation for "do". I second guessed myself and got it wrong. Seems a little misleading to provide a word that won't exist. Unless that's the point.


I think yes, learning to pick the right hint from several is part of the game. do is sometimes translated as gör, an example could be What are you doing? which would be Vad gör du?


Does inte have to come after the thing it's negating?


Yes, typically, except in subclauses.


Would "Det vet jag inte" not work in this particular case? It marked me as incorrect, although I've used this phrase (as have my Swedish friends) in the past to mean the same thing.


It doesn't work in this case, indeed. But it's a very natural construction for answering a particular question.

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