"Det är min strumpa."

Translation:It is my sock.

November 20, 2014

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That's gonna be one of my more often used phrases.


In my student's book it's written that socks=sockar, and there's no such a word like strumpa. Which word is right?


Both are right, en strumpa can be longer than en socka, but they're often used interchangeably.


Both generally mean the same, but usually "socka" is the thicker kind, worn in colder climates.


This sounds like the difference between something like thin "dress" socks and thick hiking socks...?


"Master has given Dobby a sock! Dobby is free! Det är min strumpa!"


Beat me to it :)


Oooohhhh, lovely ;)


When shall I use #det and #den? I've seen “det är mitt kaffe”, I thought it was because Det referred to kaffe (being neuter), but I saw “det är min strompa”


I might be mistaken, but I believe that if you say "Den är min strumpa", you mean "This (one) is my sock". Det is always neuter in phrases like "it is...", "there is...". So, speaking of plural, I'd say "det är mina strumpor", not "de är...". I might be wrong, though.


You're absolutely right! det in this sentence does not refer to the sock, it is a formal subject much like it in 'It rains'.


So "this" can be "det här" as well as "den"?


If you're having a hard time remembering this word, imagine Donald Trump saying "I'm a sock", it worked for me.


"Donald Strumpa" That's how I remember it.


Reminds me of Pippi Långstrump.


With the english quirk of pluralizing sock(s) jean(s) pant(s) would "They are my socks" also be a perfectly acceptable answer?


Aren't socks pluralized because there are generally two worn at a time? If you had one sock "it's my sock" is a perfectly acceptable sentence, whereas you can't talk about a single "pant" or "jean".

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In the fashion world they do indeed talk about "a pant" or "a jean".


In Swedish, you can say en byxa if you like, but I don't think we have a way to make jeans singular.


I think that would be, "de är min strumpar"


Almost, strumpor.


Det är mina strumpor


Why can I translate it with "It is..." or "That is..." but not with "This is..."? It's more an english-question, I'm not native speaker.


In Swedish you could say Det är … , Det där är … (= that is), Det här är … or Detta är …. (= this is)

As a translation for Det är, we approve both It is … and That is … because a) that is used more often in English than det där in Swedish, b) you can make Det är… mean That is … if you stress det. But if you want to be really clear in Swedish that you're saying That is …, you would have said Det där är ….

For this course, we don't accept the answer This is … for Det är …. We feel that if we had wanted to say that, we would have said Det här är … or Detta är ….


Jag har två strumpor.


I didn't know what strumpa was, I was doing the last test when it came up for the first time for me?


When you do the tests, you will see unfamiliar words and as you go father along, verb tenses. Don't worry if you don't know it. You will learn it eventually. It's more a self-evaluation tool. Sometimes I skip it. BTW, strumpa= sock


I wrote "strompa" and Duolingo marked it correct. Is there two ways to write it or was Duo just being easy on me?


All "type what you hear" exercises currently have a bug where they won't display typos to users. It's very detrimental to the learning process, but it's been like that for almost a year now, so I'm starting to doubt it'll ever be fixed.

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