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Swedish and german umlauts

Hey, I just started learning swedish... And I have a question... I have been learning german for a year... and are swedish umlauts ö ä ü the same as the german umlauts or are they different...

And is it an advantage that I know english and german for learning swedish?

November 20, 2014



The German "ü" corresponds (more or less) to the Swedish "y"


Well, they sound a bit similar, yes...

However, take note that in Swedish å, ä and ö are considered separate letters instead of variations of a or o with accent marks or umlauts, and they have their own place in the alphabet (at the end of it, so Swedish alphabet goes from A to Ö instead of A to Z like English and German). The same is true for Finnish, btw. So strictly speaking Swedish does not have umlauts, they just have letters that look like that.


Swedish umlauts are just ä and ö. They also have å. You should use a Swedish keyboard.


yes, I am using a Swedish keyboard, but do they sound the same, as in german? ä and ö?


I don't think so from what I have seen. I know å makes an o sound.

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