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  5. "Ci dà la colpa."

"Ci la colpa."

Translation:He blames us.

July 3, 2013



is fault not the same as blame?


He gives us the blame is marked as wrong. Surely that's the translation.


does this not say "he gives us the blame?" I think that'd be more grammatically/colloquially correct in English than "he gives the blame to us"


One might say in formal English that "He assigns the blame to us".
If one were British, one might say "He fixes the blame on us", I think. Americans would say informally "He blames us." or "He's blaming us." [Native Vermont USA speaker]


I'm British and have never heard the expression "to fix the blame on". We would just say "he blames us".


I'm also British and while Cara is right that in everyday speech "he blames us" would be normal parlance, I've heard all the more florid translations mentioned above, and would like to throw another in for discussion. "To us, he gives the blame". I feel this still works in English and satisfies the Italian grammar as well, although I got wrong in the first attempt, so what do I know. I await to be flamed apologies for the pretention.


"ci" means us, or there (makes sense), da means give. How does this become HE blames US?


Dà is the 'lui/lei' form of dare, so it is 'he gives'. So it is 'He gives the blame to us'.


Yay! Guessed right!

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I said, "It's our fault"... Sigh.

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Got it right this time... we live and learn, with DL's help!

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