"The man loves the woman."

Translation:Mannen älskar kvinnan.

November 20, 2014

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    Jag älskar svenska?


    Is that a correct way to say it btw? Other languages have different ways of saying "love", right? Would it be a different love if applied to an object or idea? Sorry if you don't know but I hope somebody does


    Yes, that would be the correct way to say "I love Swedish". If you were to use "älskar" about a person ("Jag älskar Peter") it would imply romantic love, same as in English.

    When speaking about a person there is also the word "kär", which implies infatuation. "Jag är kär i Peter" means "I am in love with Peter", for example.


    Thank you for the help, I understand much more now!


    Thanks for the info! You can say jag älskar peter, but not jag kär peter? Or is that okay too?


    The är (is/am/are) and i (in) are necessary when you're describing who you are kär with, as "jag kär Peter" would mean "I in love Peter".

    I'm afraid this is all a bit messy and confusing, since both kär and älska have multiple uses and constructions which mean different things. Kär in the purest sense means "dear", and from that we construct the word kärlek which is the noun form of "love".

    Here are some more examples.

    Jag är kär i Peter - I am in love with Peter.

    Jag älskar Peter - I love Peter.

    Han är mig kär - He is dear to me.

    Han är kär i mig - He is in love with me.

    Han är min käresta - He his my beloved.

    Det är sann kärlek - It is true love.

    Vi älskar varandra - We love each other.

    Vi älskar med varandra - We make love to each other.

    As you can see it's something you'll probably just have to learn as you go, and at least in the case of the last two you probably don't want to confuse them in casual conversation. :)


    Whats the difference between 'Mannen älskar kvinnan' and 'mannen älskar en kvinna'? Is there a preference for one over the other


    Mannen älskar kvinnan = The man loves the woman
    Mannen älskar en kvinna = The man loves a woman.
    So it depends on what you want to say.


    Kvinnan is the woman, en kvinna is a woman


    I accidently did 'mannen älskar en kvinna'


    Just occurred to me that "kvinna" is the same as English "queen".


    The swedish word for king is 'konig' or 'kung'. I don't remember. The word for queen is wierd: drottning.


    I think it's true. There is a very archaic word in Dutch kweene and that means bitch. So meanings change i guess :p


    Hej! Why "ticker om" is not correct here?


    tycker om = likes


    Which is the difference between "en man/mannen" & "en kvinna/kvinnan"?


    A man/the man, a woman/the woman.


    En man= a man Mannen= the man En kvinna= a woman Kvinnan= the woman


    Why is it not "Mannen älskar ett kvinna"? I get that "en" at the end of a word makes it The Word, but why does ar do the same thing? Är means "Is"...


    är doesn't do that.
    Since kvinna is an en word, you have to say en kvinna for 'a woman' and kvinnan for 'the woman'.


    yeah i put en mannen alskar en kvinnan


    You can't mix – kvinnan means the woman so putting en before that is like saying "a the woman" in English. Here we need the woman so it has to be just kvinnan.


    Omg is says en (the) so it's mannen alskar en woman


    You mean: Mannen älskar kvinnan.


    Do you know that if you don't know the answer of a question, just hover your mouse/cursor over the word you don't know and you will get the meaning of that word


    Why doesn't DL teach us anything about the pitch accents? --> Mánnen älskàr kvinnàn.


    It doesn't really fit into Duolingo's model. It would overly complicate lessons and I think the Swedish course does a fine job of exposing Swedish prosody with listening exercises for a beginner.

    Here's a video for you if you're looking for yourself: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXp7_Sjgm34


    Speakers from different parts of Sweden have drastically different pitch patterns in their speech.


    Why not "Mannen älskar om kvinnan"


    You're confusing älskar with tycker om, which is another verb. The om is part of that verb - otherwise it means "about".

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