"Hur går det?"

Translation:How is it going?

November 20, 2014

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Should "How are you?" be accepted?


"Hur går det" isn't often used in the "how are you" sense, I'd say. It's often used to refer to something specific:

"Jag har väntat i en timme. Hur går det?!" => "I've been waiting for an hour. How's it going?!"

"Du har använt Duolingo ett tag nu. Hur går det med svenskan?" => "You've been using Duolingo for a while now. How's it going with the Swedish?"


"Hur går det till?" => "How does it work?"


Had to test it, how's it hanging was not accepted :)

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    Could "how is it walking" be correct? Or is går only 'walk' as in 'go' (ie german gehen)


    Whilst literally correct they don't want us to translate directly for sentences like this which are more likely to be used in the colloquial form "how's it going?" rather than asking about how something can walk (e.g. a robot or something that you'd expect not to be able to walk). I'm told that "hur går den?" is more appropriate in that situation


    I translated "how is it" and I've been corrected as "how goes it".??


    Huh. I'm a native English speaker, and I have always said "How goes it?" instead of "How is it going?". I just thought I was just being a little quirky, but now I wonder if I picked it up from my mormor and morfar. They both have mainly Swedish ancestry.


    "How goes it" is accepted...for those that grew up with this archaic expression.


    I'm not so sure it's archaic. Not frequently encountered, certainly.

    Plus, it's the translation, clearly.

    From, How goes it? it's very easy to understand this phrase as the commonly expressed, How is it going? No?

    But I think, from the start, there's been an emphasis that Swedish verbs do not have this option of -ing forms.


    How can I do the correct sound of Hur, it seems something like Hjugrə, just to I be able to do that sound correctly


    Does phonetics help? It's pronounced /hʉːr/.


    The TTS is pronouncing "hur" alone as "kur"


    I typed what I heard: "Hur gör det?". It should not have been accepted, I think, because 1. it is pronounced differently and 2. has a slightly different meaning. Or are the differences really nil?

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