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Crowdsourcing photos to reinforce learning

I think it would be great if, when answering a question, there could be an image associated with it to provide a visual aspect of learning. This is present for some questions, but an expansion would greatly improve the site. The process to implement this might include a link in each question that generates a web search for images of important nouns/verbs in the sentence. After opening in another tab, users could click and drag useful images back into the Duo tab. This could give users a chance to see the words in context of the learning language (similar to the "in context" option at wordreference.com dictionaries). Just a thought to add another level of depth to the experience.

July 3, 2013

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Agreed. It's much better to get used to thinking in the language, rather than just translating back and forth, and this would be a great way of getting users doing just that.

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