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Should I report capitalization errors?

First of all, tack så mycket to the Swedish Duolingo team for having created this amazing course! I'm loving Swedish so far! I almost cried tears of joy when I learned that verbs don't have to be conjugated according to subject! Jag äter, vi äter, ni äter...! It's so simple, after having endured the torture that is French verb conjugation (I still love you French, you're just a little hard sometimes).

Anyway, back to the point: while the course is pretty great, I did encounter some errors in capitalization in the earlier lessons (first letters of words which should be capital were not capitalized). Should I go back and report these? I just want to make sure if I'm supposed to report them, I don't want to create extra work/problems for the team.

November 20, 2014



Just keep in mind that Swedish has different capitalisation rules than English. We do not capitalise language names or nationalities for example.


Exactly, other examples include the names of months and the names of days.


If you mean printed words where first letter should be capitalized, then I think you should report it. I am sure it is a very easy fix. I have reported one of those myself.

It is always accepted not to use any capital letters when you type, but that is something else of course.


Please report any error you find. You are not creating extra work for us, it helps us out a lot! :)

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